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Historic dialogue: The Gates Fund also strongly supports this cooperation with Pi! The world’s largest SMC thanks pi for its great support!

Historic dialogue: The Gates Fund also strongly supports this cooperation with Pi! The world’s largest SMC thanks pi for its great support!


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Pai’s first large-scale ecological cooperation project is FeverlQ. All Pai friends have been participating for more than a year.


This ecosystem is the new crown virus detection that everyone is very familiar with! A new crown swept the world, breaking the trajectory of people’s lives, and at the same time breaking the world economic structure, reshaping the world economic structure! In order to understand people’s health problems, the world’s largest SMC application was born, this application is FeverlQ! The only partner that the FeverlQ application is looking for is our Pai Network! The reason for looking for Pi Network cooperation is that Pi is backed by Stanford University, and Nicholas is the top blockchain expert of Stanford University.


The Pi Network team is a technical team composed of top talents in various fields. Pi Network has tens of millions of level Global traffic, so the cooperation between FeverlQ and Pie is the best choice! And FeverlQ has the strong support of Bill and the Getzky *Gold* Club.


It indirectly shows that FeverlQ’s cooperation with Pai Network to conduct a new crown virus detection investigation has been recognized by Gates.

Nicholas, the founder of Xiantianpai, attended the Pi Core team and held a Zoom meeting with the team that participated in Pi Hackathon. This is a closed meeting.

Only the projects accepted to participate in Pi Hackathon will receive the invitation link in the Pi App.


The entire conference lasted more than 6 hours! Among the friends who participated in the invitation this time, the staff of Enya, a FeverlQ ecological company, participated and had a historic dialogue with Nicholas, and the staff of Enya specially thanked the faction network at the meeting! Let’s take a look at the news:

FeverlQ is currently the world’s largest SMC application in a healthy environment. It demonstrates the utility of privacy-preserving analysis in population-scale digital health interventions.

A.R. has done consulting work for Enya. Is Enya’s consultant. B.C. is an employee of Enya. A.C. and J.L. are the co-founders of Enya.

The analysis of publicly available Enya data was carried out at Stanford University and was partially supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Enya thanked the members of the Pi network (minepi.com) for submitting data about their symptoms and symptoms

The relationship network of pie ecology is becoming more and more complicated.

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The reason for the complexity is that there are more and more pie ecology, and many ecology are connected with the world’s top predators capital! You will find that the layout of the pie is really too big to imagine!

For example, the world’s top capitals that Paiyou broke the news are DF Capital, BG Capital, GP Capital and so on! Which of these capitals is not the top-level existence!

The so-called no wind, no waves! It’s entirely possible that Big Crocodile Capital has been staring at Pie.


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Everyone must think clearly about the fact that the purpose of capital is to make money.

As long as there is good project capital, it will break your head and drill into it! Of course, sending is not the only goal of these capitals! Regardless of whether Pai Mirai is a real dragon that dominates the world, at least there are a lot of real data now that the blockchain is number one in the world!

For example, the number of members, the number of nodes, the number of ecology, and so on.

These real data are already in front of you.

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If these top predators are not paying attention to the faction, then it can only prove that their think tank needs further study and improvement!

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