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The pi friend finally got angry: waking up and cursing pi unsuccessfully will launch the blockchain industry!

The pi friend finally got angry: waking up and cursing pi unsuccessfully will launch the blockchain industry!

NOTE: all Pi Network News you read here was translated from Chinese to English.

Three years have passed like a meteor in the long river of history.


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Three years accounted for almost one-thirtieth of a person’s life! So three years are not long or short in one’s life! Pie is a standard three-year project.

During these three years, some friends have left, many people have joined, and some have left and come back.

It is normal for players of a project to come and go. ! Especially for a blockchain player, it is normal to play several projects! Since the pie cannot be realized for a long time, although the pie is free, people are anxious, and no one can afford it in three years, so many friends of the pie began to move to other projects, and even play a lot of pie’s imitation disks!


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The advantage of other projects is that you can cash out at any time and make money quickly, but they all have one thing in common, that is, you need to invest first!

In the blockchain industry, blockchain projects do everything in order to harvest leeks.

In recent years, one of the most popular blockchain mining models is pledge mining.

Pledge mining, as the name implies, is to buy BI first, and then pledge BI. On the project side, start mining! Pledge mining is generally divided into three categories.

The first category is that the project party issues a generation of PI. After packaging, the player first invests in the purchase of Pi, and then uses the purchased PI to exchange for mining machines for mining! The second type of project party issues a proxy PI, first let players buy mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, and then staking the mainstream currency to mine their proxy BPI! The third type is similar to the pledge of ecological solutions, that is, you first buy mainstream BP

Iand then pledge to the ecological party, and the ecological party will reward you with a certain proportion of Pi in a certain period!

To put it bluntly, pledge mining is a kind of financial plan (funding), which promises to give you a high return, but the pledge has a certain cycle. Why does the pledge have a cycle? In fact, it is the project team to pave the way for themselves! Since you play a pledge project, then you must have the awareness of the project team to run away at any time!

For formal blockchain projects, there is no stipulation of any cycle. For example, if you buy a bit miner or an ether miner, you can dig forever after you buy it, but the miner expires after you dig for one year, or The miner expires after you dig for two years! Always remember that the regular blockchain mining tools have no cycle limit, including our pie.

Our pie has no cycle limit. You can keep digging until it stops production! Many senders have been deeply harvested by pledge projects.

Let’s take a look at the sentiments of the following senders:

This sent friend was deeply poisoned by the pledge project and was reaped mercilessly.

This sent friend commissioned this official account to publish an article. The main purpose is to tell all sent friends not to play those unreliable projects, and to explore the facts well. It is the law of true fragrance! He is one of the victims harvested by other projects!

I’m very familiar with this pie friend. I knew this person from the moment he signed up for the pie. He has been an old pie friend for more than a year. At some point during the year, he also complained about the pie. But in the end he persisted, and now he has become a firm believer in the faction! Only when people have experienced setbacks can they grow quickly!

After harvesting countless projects, it was discovered that Pai is a really good project! So this friend of Pai was angry and said that Pai will withdraw from the blockchain industry if it is unsuccessful!



A lesson from the past, the teacher of the rear, so you don’t care if you play any other projects, but the prerequisites must not give up! If you accidentally lose money by playing other items, Pai mainnet will earn it back for you.

If you give up Pai then you will really lose if you lose it! Finally, the editor reminds that after the mainnet, there will be a lot of ecology similar to pledges. You must keep your eyes open and be careful of being deceived!


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