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Super broke the news! Another Pi Eco App is released! Barter prices will be constructed in this way….

Super broke the news! Another Pi Eco App is released! Barter prices will be constructed in this way….


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Many sending friends have heard the story of exchanging 10,000 bits for 2 boxes of pizza. Most of them only know that there is this story. In fact, they don’t know that this story has more exciting fragments. Let me give you more details:

“Things go back to May 18, 2010. Our protagonist Laszlo Hanyecz (a programmer and early bit miner) posted on the Bit Forum and said: “I can pay 10,000 bits in exchange for a few pizzas, probably Two are enough, so I can eat one and save one for tomorrow. You can use your own pizza or you can order takeout outside and deliver it to my address. “My taste preference request: “I like onions, peppers, sausages, mushrooms, etc. I don’t like strange fish pizza. “


Aftert the post was posted, some people responded to him one after another. Some people asked him for his address. Some people said that they didn’t know how to order if they were not in a country. What’s more, they replied: 2 pizzas cost $25 to exchange your 10,000 bits, which is not cost-effective. Your bit is too expensive!

Until 4 days later, on May 22, Laszlo issued a show-off post indicating that the transaction was successful, indicating that it had completed the transaction with a buddy named Jercos, and also attached a picture of the pizza. At this point, Bit has the initial price, and the day of bartering pizza is called Bit B Pizza Day. 

Pi eco App

You see, Bit’s first barter price was completed through the hawking of posts. How will the first widely fair barter price be completed by that way?

Let’s first look at the newly exposed pi ecological application as follows


Pi eco App

Accountant Needed

Need accountant

I need some accounting work done.

I need to complete some accounting work.

Paying: 100 Pi. One time payment

Payment: 100 Pi. One-time payment

Frequency: Monthly



Frequency: monthly

Interpretation: This is similar to the exchange of bits for pizza. If someone is willing to complete this transaction, a pie value can be obtained through simple calculations.


Of course, I just take this pi ecological application as a case to analyze, if Now you have to say 10,000 dollars, even if I raise my hands to agree with your idea, but it must be recognized by the merchants and the broad group of merchants that provide services (Paid friends should consider the problem from the perspective of the merchant, standing that I am not a merchant Position, I definitely hope that the higher the better), when more and more merchants list products in a way similar to the above and mark how much to exchange for, and more and more send friends are willing to trade at the listed price At that time, the fair Pi barter price that was truly widely agreed upon appeared.

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Pay attention to the two words “fair”: that is, most merchants and non-merchants temporarily approve this price (the above are personal opinions, for reference only)

Nicholas’ goal is not to go to the exchange to fry leeks, but to discover the price of pie and increase the intrinsic value of pie by building a rich ecological application market, thereby building an economic kingdom that uses pie as the value transmission.


Send friends will be the first batch of original inhabitants of this kingdom, enjoying the initial founding bonus!

The only way to become a founding hero and founding veteran is to continue to insist on lightning!

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