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Is it a foregone conclusion that π will not be listed on the exchange? Pi network global converter is under development!

Is it a foregone conclusion that π will not be listed on the exchange? Pi network global converter is under development!


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Pi network global converter

Pi network global converter

Biaz once said: “You have to calmly proceed to do one thing, but once you start, you have to persevere to the end.” I have persevered in order to get admitted to a good university without complaints, persevering, and in order to gain more. Do your best for a good life.

And now the only thing I insist on is π, not because I am obsessed with it, but because I know my direction is not wrong this time. Even beyond my previous insistence on Bitcoin, when you truly see the infinite possibilities of π, you will do the same.

Today, π has been born for more than 830 days. And I have persisted for so many days, except for the college entrance examination, I seem to have never been so obsessed about anything.


In these 830 days, I watched the number of π users increase by 1 million and 1 million, and I watched the system of π become more and more perfect.


I have become more and more convinced that π will not fail the expectations of those who believe in it.


With the continuous deepening of development, countless ecological applications will appear on the public chain of π.


In other words, it will recreate our current consumer entertainment world, and the currency circulating in this world is π.


However, if we still feel that using legal currency makes us feel more secure, of course, we can exchange it into legal currency. In response to this problem, the project party is already carrying out corresponding projects.

The Pi global converter has also become a term that satisfies people’s expectations along with the proposal.

Most people are always worried that π will succeed in the future, but if you want many to accept π payments, does it take a process? Then, isn’t the π in our hands regarded as “a useless place for heroes”? The global converter program is proposed to help people dispel this worry.

As the name suggests, the global converter is a converter that can be used in all countries.

And what does it transform? Of course, it is to convert π into the legal currency of different countries, and you can also convert the legal currency into π according to your own needs.

The global converter is equivalent to a decentralized foreign exchange trading platform. Individual investors, institutions, capitals, and countries can convert their fiat currencies into π storage on the PI NETWORK converter, and exchange them into foreign currencies! At the same time, it meets the needs of users who want to convert π into legal currency.

The global converter will perform exchange rate conversion based on big data such as supply and demand applications, and the value of π will also tend to develop steadily.


Any merchant can accept the payment and convert it into the corresponding demand currency. It will not be caused by violent fluctuations like traditional digital currencies.

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For asset losses, countries can easily tax pie. Until the world is used to the cash function of π, a new era will suddenly become clear!

π has become a bridge linking the centralized world, and at the same time promotes the gradual integration of the centralized world and the decentralized world! Just like a contradiction, it can be separated and separated, when it should be unified, it should be unified, and when it should be opposed, it should be opposed!

Since it can be freely exchanged, then! Is it necessary for π to be listed on the exchange? ? ?

We are worried about the problem, and someone is solving it for us step by step. π has such a strong R&D team, it is difficult for π to succeed.

The goal of π is to become a currency that can be circulated all over the world, so the current tens of millions of users is definitely not enough.

Although it is said that waiting for all members to implement kyc, or the mainnet is online, it will cause a big explosion of users, but I believe that the realization of global converters can really attract tens of thousands of users and keep them. Because of the completion of the global converter, it will be a push-forward development of π.

Keeping people is worse than paying attention. Only if the heart stays on π can you make a powerful contribution to the development of π.

In this era where opportunities and challenges coexist, we must know how to recognize bad temptations and grasp real opportunities firmly. If you believe it, stick to it, and if you stick, please believe it.

Although π has been unable to log in normally for more than ten days recently, its online rate has dropped by more than half in an instant.


Some people have deleted the app. Some people even utterly speak out, saying that their prediction has become a reality, and that π is a scam, and it has gone away now. Rumors, no matter what you do, there will be rumors, but when there are so many people online, why is π a scam? Why did you run away?

Historical experience has proved that there are two sides to the development of everything, some people support it, and some people slander it.


After all, tens of thousands of people have different cognitions! Whether it is slander or support, there is only one answer that time can give! In the face of the truth, the once-opposing future will be unified, and in the face of scams, the once-opposing unity will also become opposition!

Although the global converter is under development, the road is beginning to go.

Are we still worried about the end? When everything is ready, “everything is ready, only the east wind is owed.” And the main net is the east wind we need. As long as the future is bright, what can I be afraid of if the road is a bit tortuous!

The global converter is only one of tens of millions of ecological applications, and there will be one thousand in the future. Ten thousand popular ecological applications will be born. We just have to look forward to it and wait and see.

“This is an era without a dominance. Everyone can do their best to live a wonderful life.” No matter where we are or where we are, as long as we don’t stop chasing, there is always a place for us to live in this era. .

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