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Pi International top barter: 1pi100 USD! 1900 Pi barter top luxury villas! A large number of luxury cars and mansions bartering began!

International top barter: 1pi100 USD! 1900 Pi barter top luxury villas! A large number of luxury cars and mansions bartering began!


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With the arrival of the mainnet, many qualified Pai friends have begun to give value to Pai, create an ecosystem, and have produced their own products to create their own ecosystem!

Since Pi is a special blockchain project, Pi is coin according to Nicholas, that is to say Pi is money, Pi has its own currency unit, which is the same as US dollar, ruble, euro, etc.!

The dollar, the euro, the ruble, and the pie all have a common feature that they play a role in the ecology! It’s just that the US dollar, the euro, the ruble, etc. are stable with little change, while the pie is unstable, and its value is determined according to the circulation!

Pi International top barter

The U.S. dollar can be circulated in all ecology in the world, the euro is mainly circulated in the European ecology, of course the ruble is mainly circulated in the Russian ecology, and the pie is mainly circulated in the pie network ecology! As long as you are in the ecosystem of Pi Network, you can use Pi Barter for anything you want!


Now more and more ecosystems have appeared around Paiyou, just waiting for Pai’s mainnet to erupt! In fact, the correct way to express pie in the ecology should be how many pie is fixed for a product, such as 5 pie for a mobile phone, 200 pie for a car, 1000 pie for a luxury house, etc. This is the correct way of expression.


And this way of expression such as how many pies of a mobile phone are finally converted to 100 US dollars is wrong, it is reversed! Value and price are not the same.

Now friends of pie are calculating the value of pie by first assigning prices to pie. In fact, the correct way is to calculate the price of a pie by value. Let’s take a look at the following ecology is the correct way to express it:

This is a pie ecology created by a philippine friend. His expression is the most correct. A single super luxury villa is priced at 1923 pie.

The price given to Pai is calculated based on the current market price of this villa.


It’s about 100 dollars! The same luxury car is priced at 467 Pis. Based on the current market prices of these two cars, the price given to Pi is about $100 each!

The foreign faction is the reality, it is the true value given to the faction! Because sending friends’ own coin units, the price can only be estimated through ecological value.

$100 per pie is now the consensus price recognized by the international community! If you want to make a lot of money in pie, you must change your thinking.


Don’t think about pie with traditional blockchain thinking. You must use ecological thinking to look at pie, then you can truly understand pie! If you use traditional thinking to look at pie, the price of pie in your mind is only a few cents and a few yuan, but if you look at pie with ecological thinking, then its price will be very high, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. higher! Everyone think about it carefully. Nicholas once said that he would change the lives of millions of pioneers.


What can be changed if a few cents are sent? At most, it’s just a lunch. If you want to change your life, you need at least millions of assets to barely be able to change, so the future value of Pi is really immeasurable! For Pai empowered to forward it, so that Paiyou must stick to the mainnet!

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