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Is Permission.io Legit or Scam • Permission.io | Permission.io Review

Is Permission.io Legit or scam • Permission.io review, is permission legit, permission Review 


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Permission.io ReviewOn this page, you’re going to know if the trending Platform called “permission.io” is scam or legit. – Permission.io Registration Link

  Is Permission.io Legit or Scam • Permission.io | Permission.io Review


What is Permission.io?

Permission was created to put an end to the interruptive, exploitative advertising model that drives today’s web and to give individuals back ownership of their data. The company has developed the infrastructure for a Web3 advertising platform based on permission and value exchange.
Powered by the Permission Token (“ASK”), the platform enables individuals to securely grant permission and monetize their personal data across the digital ecosystem.

Permission ask is a web3 advertising platform based on permission and value exchange. 

What is Ask in Permission  Platform?

ASK is a utility token based on the Polygon Network. It is used to power the Permission platform and a new Web3 digital advertising paradigm built on permissioned data and opt-in engagement.


With your ASK, you can HODL, trade or shop on the official ASK Store for gift cards, merch and more. ASK is a crypto reward that’s global, convertible & never expires.

Soon you will be able to stake ASK and provide liquidity to earn rewards. Stay tuned on Twitter to find out when.

Permission’s vision is for ASK to be the most widely used digital reward throughout the advertising ecosystem, enabling users to earn from their data and advertisers to obtain permission, motivate action, and increase ROI.

What is Permission Ads?

Permission’s core technology, Permission Ads, is an industry-first, patent-pending, crypto rewards demand-side platform (DSP), where advertisers can run campaigns across the open web and reward users with ASK for opting in and consenting to share their data. ASK is the tokenized reward for Web3 advertising, enabling advertisers to build opt-in, first-party audiences and reward users for their engagement. Through this, users are able to control and monetize their data while brands are able to build permissioned, first-party audiences on a global scale, improving their ROI and overall Web 3.0 experience.

Permission Ask Registration Link

Permission.io Review – Permission Review 

Permission.io’s mission is to help individuals all over the globe earn from their data.
Internet giants profit from your data without you being able to control or benefit from it. Your search, shopping, social data … big tech makes billions selling it to advertisers while you get nothing.
Permission.io is leading the next generation of advertising by transferring that value back to you. Now, individuals, not corporate behemoths, are rewarded for granting permission to engage with brands and content based on their personal data and preferences.

Is permission Legit| is permission.io legit or scam

According to my review of permissionask.io, I found out that permission ask Platform is real and legit. This platform is just like 5Billionsales Platform where they allow you to make money from your personal data every day. 

Permission.io is legit and not scam! They ask for your permission and if you accept it, then you will be making an income from them.

How to Earn money on Permission.io

You can earn ASK in multiple ways:

  • Creating an account at Permission.io.
  • Fill out your My Data section in your profile.
  • Download the permission ask browser extension, link your account, and engage with ads as you browse the web.
  • Engage with Permission Ads as you surf the web.
  • Refer friends and family. The more people you invite, the more you earn! (Optional)

For the super referers, you can apply to join the ASK Ambassador program which lets you earn even more per referral. Note that anytime you complete an earn event, your ASK will appear in your Pending Balance.

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Permission.io Registration – permission.io registration

Just follow the steps below to create your permission account and start your journey to start making money on the permissionask.io platform. 

1. Goto the permission registration page

2. Click on “Earn

3. Fill in your name, email, password etc and 

4. Click on “Submit” 

5. Login by scanning the barcode shows on your screen (you can use another phone to do this if it phone you used to register) 

That’s all

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Permission.io Sign in | Permission Sign In 

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1. Enter your email address

2. Enter your password

3. Then enter the one time Authentication code from your Authenticator-Factor App.

That’s all

Permission.io Roadmap

  • Launched Permission Mainnet Blockchain
  • Built Platform infrastructure to reward people for sharing their data
  • Integrated Google Ad Exchange and programmatic partners
  • Secured Google Tech Cloud Partnership
  • Launched Google Chrome Browser Extension V.1
  • Surpassed 700,000 unique wallet holders
  • Implemented Advanced Fraud Mitigation Framework

Q1 2022

  • Launch Permission Ads™️ Managed Demand-Side Advertising Platform (DSP) Beta
  • Onboard advertisers to Managed DSP
  • KYC Enhancements
  • Grow Executive, Sales, Engineering Teams

Q2 2022

  • ASK migrates to Polygon Network
  • ASK Staking and DeFi
  • Increase DSP advertiser use cases
  • Implement DSP Optimizations
  • Scale DSP advertiser growth

Q3 2022

  • Enhanced Web App
  • Customer Data Platform Integration
  • Cultivate Additional Strategic Partners

Q4 2022

  • Android Mobile App
  • Open API for Publishers to offer ASK rewards
  • Expand NFT use cases and integration
  • Browser Extension V.2

Permission.io BEYOND 2022

  • iOS Mobile App
  • Web3 Metaverse Advertising
  • Self-Serve DSP Beta Launch

Permission Ask Registration Link

Permission.io FAQ

Here below are the frequently asked questions about permission ask Platform. 

What is Ask?

ASK is a utility token based on the Polygon Network. It is used to power the Permission platform and a new Web3 digital advertising paradigm built on permissioned data and opt-in engagement.

What is the total supply of ASK token?

The total supply of ASK token is 100 billion.

Is ASK an ERC-20 token? 

Yes. ASK used to be on an independent Permission blockchain, but is currently migrating to Polygon. As a token on the Polygon Network, ASK is an ERC-20 token that can be bridged to the Ethereum network.

Can advertisers see my personal data?

Only if you want them to. We enable users to permission their data directly to brands that they wish to engage with. However, when users are targeted for advertisements through the Permission platform, all data, regardless of source, is de-identified and aggregated for targeting purposes. Permission will always know which data is tied to each person, for purposes of rewarding ASK Tokens and ensuring interactions are compensated.

What are the Coin Economics for ASK?

The Permission Token is designed to provide utility within the Permission Ecosystem and its applications. Individuals earn ASK for permissioning their data when advertisers “”ASK permission”” to engage. As the ecosystem grows, individuals will also be able to connect with and engage other individuals through various “ask-permission-first” applications.
To learn more, please see the Token Economics section of our Whitepaper.

What is the ASK Store on Permission.io?

The ASK Store is a online redemption store where you can redeem your ASK on merch, giftcards and more!

What is “KYC”?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer, and refers to the process of verifying the identity of a business’ customers. KYC is required by financial services companies such as banking institutions, credit companies, and insurance agencies to ensure their customers are legitimate and not involved with corruption, bribery, or money laundering.

KYC is one of the most important keys to reducing suspicious activity and fighting against bad actors on crypto platforms.

What other wallets support ASK?

As an ERC-20 token on the Polygon Network, a list of supported hardware and software wallets is available here.

What Makes ASK token Unique?

Although many crypto projects tout data empowerment, most limit users’ ability to benefit from their data to a specific browser or application. Permission’s platform is constructed to help users securely grant permission and earn from their data across multiple channels and contexts. ASK is simple-to-use with earn opportunities that are straightforward and transparent and that will evolve as the project’s network matures. The vision for ASK is that users will put their data to work for their own benefit in a way that will easily blend into their daily lives.

Permission Ask Registration Link

Permission also has an enormous technology advantage. We have the ability to help individuals earn from their full and comprehensive data set. Right now, your data lives in silos and applications. Google has your search data and Amazon has your shopping data.
Our Data Algebra technology is a fundamental breakthrough on how data can be integrated and analyzed. Why is that important? Because it enables users to truly take back ownership of that data so that they can grant permission and earn from it. We can put individuals at the center of the data economy.It also enables advertisers to target the richest data resource possible, leading to significantly better ad campaigns and increased return on advertising dollars. Read more about Permission’s patented technology here.

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Does Permission have a Referral Program?

Yes. Permission has an ASK Ambassador Program which enables you to earn more per ASK referral, as well as allowing you to earn on an unlimited number of referrals. You can apply to be an ASK Ambassadors via the Referral page in the Permission portal.

How can I best learn about the browser extension?

Watch this video!
The Permission browser extension lets you easily earn ASK rewards as you browse the web.
Permission is giving individuals the keys to own their personal data, enabling them to earn rewards for permissioning their data when choosing to engage with advertisers.
By using the Permission Browser Extension, you are given the opportunity to view short videos that are personalized for your shopping journey, and be rewarded for doing so in ASK. –  Download here!

You can search through our Updates on this website HERE to get more Updates. 

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