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OEX Withdrawal Guide • How to Bind Your OEX Wallet Address to Satoshi App

OEX Withdrawal Guide • How to Bind Your OEX Wallet Address to Satoshi App, OpenEx OEX Token Withdrawal, OEX Wallet Address Binding And Withdrawal 


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OEX Wallet Address Binding And Withdrawal | On This Page, You’re Going To Know How to Bind Your OpenEx Wallet Address on the Satoshi App to Receive Your OEX Token 

OEX Withdrawal Guide • How to Bind Your OEX Wallet Address to Satoshi App

What is OpenEx (OEX) About

OpenEx is a decentralised (Dapp) exchange built on the CORE blockchain. OEX was the official token of the OpenEx Dapp exchange.

OpenEx introduce their token called “OEX” has airdrop which can only be mine on the Satoshi App. 

On this page, I’m going to show you how to withdraw your OEX Airdrop to your OpenEx Wallet. 

The Satoshi App team is excited to announce that starting April 13, users can submit their wallet addresses for $OEX withdrawal and complete facial recognition within the app. This guide provides a detailed walkthrough of the process, ensuring you’re prepared before the April 27 deadline.

Wallet Address Submission Window: Mark your calendars:

  • April 13: Submission begins
  • April 27: Submission ends

Remember, without submitting your wallet address, withdrawing your $OEX tokens will not be possible.

How to Withdraw Your OEX Token

Firstly, I will advice you to use the OpenEx official wallet on this video below


OpenEx OEX Step-by-Step Withdrawal Process:

Step 1: Accessing the Address Binding Upon the withdrawal function’s activation, you’ll find the address binding option within your asset details page. Here’s how to navigate this first crucial step.


OEX Withdrawal

Step 2: Linking Your Withdraw Address Clicking on the ‘Link withdraw address’ button prompts you to enter your fund password. If you’ve set this up previously, you’ll move to the next phase. Remember, your fund password should differ from your login password for enhanced security.

OEX Token Withdrawal

Step 3: Finalizing Your Address After entering your binding address and fund password, know that you can modify this address until administrative confirmation. This flexibility ensures your withdrawal process is as smooth as possible.

OpenEx OEX Token Withdrawal

Step 4: Completion of On-Chain Transfer With your wallet address linked, your on-chain transfer is ready to go.

OEX Withdrawal Guide • How to Bind Your OEX Wallet Address to Satoshi App



Special Note on Facial Recognition: If facial authentication is required at any stage, the app will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your identity verification is seamless and secure.

Update your app and submit your wallet address before the deadline.

About Satoshi App

Satoshi App is the world’s first free airdrop and mining platform, uniquely positioned in the cryptocurrency space with a vast community of 11 million users. We serve as a bridge connecting high-quality blockchain projects with a massive audience, offering users the opportunity to discover and receive token airdrops.

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