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Satoshi BTCs Registration | Satoshi BTCs Account Registration Guide 2022

Satoshi BTCs Registration, How to Create Satoshi BTCs Account, BTCs Account Registration Guide 


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Satoshi BTCs Registrationin this page, I am going to teach you on how to create Satoshi BTCs Account and how to start mining BTCs for free on your phone. 

I saw a lot of people registered without mining, hey, do you want to be like such people? Those time wasters, I think your answer is NO, then make sure you do your KYC and start mining immediately 1BTCs is expected to be 1Ethereum ($3000). Continue reading to see the full guide on how to register, do your KYC and start mining and also earn free Bitcoin daily too on the App. 

Satoshi BTCs Registration | Satoshi BTCs Account Registration Guide


Satoshi BTCs Registration – Satoshi BTCs Account

To register and create BTCs account, all you need to do is to follow this simple step below.

  • Enter your “Email Address
  • Enter the code sent to your email in the box
  • Give yourself a secure password
  • Click on “REGISTER”
  • Check the confirmation message sent to your email
  • Download the App
  • Login

That’s all! The next step is to download the app on your phone and login, do your KYC and start mining BTCs everyday on your phone.

The most important part is to do your KYC immediately

Satoshi BTCs Login – How to login into Satoshi BTCs

To login into your satoshi app account, just follow this step below

  1. Tap on the click login button on the top of the page
  2. Input your Email and password (if you do not remember your password, tap on forgot password then follow the easy process to reset your password).
  3. Login and Continue mining your satoshi btcs.

Satoshi BTCs KYC – How to Do Satoshi BTCs KYC 

After you’ve create your satoshi BTCs account, the next step is to do your Satoshi BTCs KYC and start mining. Just follow the instructions below to do that

  •  If you haven’t download the Satoshi BTCs App before, then Goto Play store or Apple store or goto the satoshi btcs site and download the Satoshi mining App
  • Now login

Satoshi BTCs KYC process

They will ask you to do your kyc before you can start mining

  • Click on the KYC button
  • Submit the required such as (Passport, national ID Card, driver license e.t.c) you can use anyone from this (you just need the document ID only). 
  • Do the lively test video (to confirm you’re the one in the ID you submit)
  • Click on “Submit” and waith for your KYC document to be approved in few minutes. 

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Video Tutorial On How to Create BTCs Wallet


Check HERE for the full guide on how to create your Satoshi BTCs Wallet

That’s all on how to create satoshi BTCs Account

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