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Everything you need to know about Ray Hushpuppi Biography and Net Worth

In this page you shall know everything about Ray Hushpuppi, Ray Hushpuppi Biography, Ray Hushpuppi Age, Raymond Hushpuppi Instagram, Ray Hushpuppi wife, Ray Hushpuppi Girlfriend, Ray Hushpuppi and Alba Baptista Net Worth. telegram

Hushpuppi life matter

Hushpuppi Bio and Net Worth – Raymond Igbalodely (Hushpuppi) was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He has not publicly revealed his age but is believed to be in his 30s. Several publications claim Hushpuppi was born on June 14, 1988 – which would make him 31 (2019). But it seems his date of birth is actually in October. 


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Hushpuppi is also known as Aja Puppi and Aja 4. Close family and friends call him Ray.

Hushpuppi Biography

Who is Ray Hushpuppi? – Here’s the full biography of Hushpuppi below

Raymond Igbalodely (Hushpuppi) was born on the June 14 1988 in Lagos, Nigeria. 

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The famous star Davido is the well-known competitor of Ray. There media wars have been epic. It seems both men want to prove to each other that he is richer than the other.

Hushpuppi parents

Hushpuppi comes from humble beginnings. His father is reportedly a taxi driver while his mother is said to be a baker who makes bread. 

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Ray Hushpuppi Net Worth

Hushpuppi Net Worth

How much is Hushpuppi Worth – Hushpuppi is a millionaire (in dollars), and that means he’s a billionaire in naira. According to Celebrity Net Worth calculation, we find out that Raymond Igbalodely (Hushpuppi) net worth is in excess of $61.8million. Which is about #24.6Billion in Nigerian Currency. This figure is certainly based on estimations.

Ray Hushpuppi Net Worth in Naira – Hushpuppi Worth N24,640,000,000.00 inNigerian Naira

Hushpuppi Houses, Cars

When we are talking about the house and car’s Hushpuppi have, we cannot particularly figure out how many houses and car’s he owns but we have seen him driving some of the most expensive car’s in the world.

Hushpuppi has reportedly rented luxury houses in Thailand and Dubai. He once revealed that he paid 24 million naira (around $66 000) to rent an apartment. 

It’s unclear if Hushpuppi owns any of the homes he lives in. 

Ray Hushpuppi have have cars with all colour.

Here are few of the cars we’av seen Hushpuppi driving in the past:

Everything you need to know about Ray Hushpuppi Biography and Net Worth


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Hushpuppi Houses, Cars


Hushpuppi roll Royce

Hushpuppi open roof car's

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Hushpuppi private jet - Hushpuppi biography

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How does Hushpuppi make money?   

Hushpuppi Sources of income – 
While Hushpuppi describes himself as a real estate developer, he has not fully disclosed how he makes money to afford his posh lifestyle. He once joked that he is a beggar by profession. The source of Hushpuppi’s wealth is a bit of a mystery but many believe he has invested in property and other lucrative businesses. 

The socialite became famous based on the pictures and videos he shared on Instagram and Snapchat. Many were mesmerised by his wealth. He often flaunts his Gucci clothes, private jets, luxury cars and expensive trips all over the world on his social media pages.

Despite his riches, Hushpuppi describes himself as a humble man.

“To every young black kid out there… where you get in life is [up to] you – the hard work you put in, the passion, the love for what you do. Respect people, be humble to people, show love to people, be kind – that takes you far in life,” he said in an Instagram video.

Hushpuppi Instagram

Hushpuppi Worth N24Billion in Nigeria Currency – While in USD Hushpuppi Worth $61.8million

Hushpuppi old photos

Here are some old pictures of hushpuppi below:
old Photos of hushpuppi
Hushpuppi old photos
Raymond Hushpuppi old photos
Hushpuppi old photos

Hushpuppi Arrested Again

The billionaire businessmen alongside his equally wealthy friend Mr. Woodberry were reportedly ambushed and arrested in Dubai over allegations that they have committed large-scale fraud.

The news broke on Twitter along with a video which went viral showing a fleet of police cars supposedly surrounding the home of Hushpuppi in the UAE where he resides.

According to reports – which remained sketchy – Hushpuppi and Woodberry were allegedly involved in a multi-million dollar US fraud scheme targeting the unemployment insurance system.

Another report claimed the pair had scammed the US government out of millions of dollars over deals to sell ventilators used to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Least of all his ex-girlfriend Amiyah Dyme who threw massive shade at him at the turn of events. 

Taking to Instagram Stories, Amiyah hinted that Hushpuppi had dumped her because she was not good enough for him and that he was a glorified thief!

She wrote; “Imagine telling someone they are not good enough to sit with the ‘rich people’ because of how they’re dressed when they bought their clothes with  their own money while you literally STOLE the money that you used to buy outfits with from the poor people… KARMA is a b*tch”.

So what really happened that led to Hushpuppi and his friends getting arrested?

Huspuppi and his friends, flew to Dubai to pick money, a total of $35 million dollars, for some Nigerian scammers. When they got to Dubai they told the scammers back home that there was only $5 million availbale. To make matters worse, out of the $5 million they sent, $1 million only. 

Hush Hushpuppi most expensive car ever
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