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Bolanle Ninalowo Net Worth (2020)

Bolanle Ninalowo Net Worth in 2020 


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Bolanle Ninalowo (born May 7th, 1980) popularly referred to as ‘Nino’, is a Nigerian actor & film producer. Bolanle Ninalowo was born to Alhaji Jamiu Ninolowo and Alhaja Rualate Ninolowo in Ikorodu, Lagos. He studied Accounting at Devry University and studied Marketing at Keller Graduate school of Management in America. Bolanle Ninalowo is a native of Ikorodu, where he was born. – How much is Bolanle Ninalowo Net Worth

Bolanle Ninalowo Net Worth
How much Bolanle Ninalowo Worth | Net Worth of Bolanle Ninalowo


Mini Biography

NAME:Bolanle Ninalowo
AGE:May 7 , 1980 (40yr)
SPOUSE:Bunmi Ninalowo
OCCUPATION:Actor and Businessman
NET WORTH:$41,000 

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Net Worth of Bolanle Ninalowo

We shall vividly tell you of the nollNolly Actor Bolanle Ninalowo net worth in Nigeria Currency in this article but let us first tell you some other things you need to know about Ninalowo first.

Awards And Recognition of Bolanle Ninalowo

Ninalowo has been nominated for many award in 2019 such as Pink Awards Actor of the Year, Africa Choice Awards e.t.c.


Some of the awards currently in his possession include;

  • Revelation of the Year, Best of Nollywood Award, 2010
  • Best Supporting Actor of the Year ‘English’, City People Movie Award, 2017
  • The Best Actor in a Leading Role ‘English‘ Picture Perfect’ Best of Nollywood Awards (BON), 2017
  • Best Actor of the Year ‘English’ City People Movie Award, 2018
  • Best Actor of the Year ‘English’, City People Movie Award, 2018

Bolanle Ninalowo Worth $41,000 in USD

Bolanle Ninalowo Worth N15 Million in Naira

11 of Bolanle Ninalowo Quotes

1. “I give my time and attention to positive vibes only, so I honestly don’t even acknowledge the negative talks.”

2. “The second greatest gift a man possess after the gift of life is that of having good parents.”

3. “You will have to piss off a lot of people when you start doing what’s best for you, Piss them off on purpose.”

4. “Just because it’s stormy sometimes doesn’t mean you aren’t headed for sunshine.”

5. “Set your sights high. – Make your dreams big, exciting and undeniable. They’re the ones that will push you forward.”

6. “Whatever is beyond your reach right now will not always be beyond your reach. Keep going. Diligence and perseverance will get you there.”

7. “To benefit from something, you have to be a part of its growing process.”

8. “What people think of me differs, but when I think of myself, I think of the result of my life and what I do.”

9. “The key to success lies in our hands because we decide our own fate.”

10. “Success in Nigeria is largely about who you know. Many people have great ideas in this country but if they don’t have solid backing, they would find themselves going nowhere.”

11. “We are not victims of circumstances, but our decision.”

Image of Bolanle Ninalowo House

Image of Bolanle Ninalowo House

Bolanle Ninalowo Net Worth

How much is Bolanle Ninalowo Worth in 2020

Bolanle Ninalowo who is a brand ambassador to a handful of brands is one of the most sought after actors in Nollywood with an estimated net worth of $41,000 (N15 million)

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