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How to get Google AdSense Account Approved 2020 Best Guide

How to get Google adsense account Approved 2020. ✓


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Google adsense monetization has been the best way to monetize your website and make money online and it is also an easy way to make money from your website.

But the sad news about Google adsense is that it is not easy to get the Google adsense approval for your website.


Many websites owner (webmasters) have write different and many article concerning “how to get Google adsense approval in 1 minute” for your website but most of them failed to add some things to the article that will make Google AdSense to Approve your website in 1 minute. 

Lately in 2018, when I create my first website, I applied for Google adsense for my website but I didn’t get the approval. I apply for Google adsense many times without number but didn’t get Google adsense approval. I wrote more than 50 unique contact with more than 1000 (One thousand) words but still get rejected by Google adsense.

To be sincere I almost lose hope on my journey to monetize my website with Google adsense.

To cut everything short, I got Google adsense approval for mine first website in 8 months. 

I got Google adsense approval from my second website in 2 months (aschoolz) and I got Google adsense approval for my third website in two (2) weeks.

That’s fast right? Yes, it is so fast because I have already know know what Google AdSense need for approval. But the surprise thing there is that my third website only have 5 unique contents, the rest are all copied contents, I mean 100% copied content from a news websites because the website is a news website .

Now the question most of this newbie are asking is that;

How to get Google AdSense Account Approved


How can I get Google Adsense Approval Fast?

The best way to Google recommend for us to get Google adsense account approval fast is to read and follow the “Google Adsense Online terms and conditions” thoroughly. 


How can I get Google Adsense Approval Fast

but most of these people that I apply for Google adsense account don’t come down and to to read the Google adsense terms and condition for approval but instead they will just click on the “accept button” and move on waiting to get Google adsense approval but I trust Google adsense they won’t approve a lazy students that don’t have time to read.

Little Word.

Once upon a Time (thousands years ago) A white man said if you want to hide something for black men (Africans) that you should hide it in a book because they know Africa don’t like reading but not only Africa again but all the continents don’t like reading the only like shortcuts. 

I think I talk too much 😂😂😂 …. now let me tell you how to get Google Access approval fast with just five unique content.

: this isn’t Google adsense trick but the real Google adsense approval method everyone should follow. 

Google Adsense Requirements

Google wants to know that you have a valuable resource!  So, in order to increase your chances of approval, you need to create original, articulate, and useful content!  You should never aim to just throw up some spammy content that’s not useful. 



It is also important to make sure your blog or website is abiding by AdSense policies before applying.

How to get Google AdSense approval fast With a New Blog. 

To get Google adsense account approval fast just follow the instruction below;

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Step 1: Create a website if you don’t have any before but if you’re already here in the website continue with step 2 

Note: I am not saying that you should create a free website but I mean a self hosted website

Step 2: create develop pages for your website. 

  • About Us 
  • Contact Us
  • Policy page

Include this information supplied by Google here into your Policy page, i will advise you to copy all join your Policy page . You can also find a free privacy policy generator that I have also used right here.

Step 3: write more than 10 unique content with at least 1000 words on your website.

Step 4: make sure all your contacts are linked to each other.

Step 5: your website menu (navigation bar) is very important. 

Step 6: make sure all the pages in your menu to link with your post. 

How long does AdSense Approval take?

Just wait for Google Adsense AI and workers to review your application in 24hrs then Boom….. You will receive this;

How to get Google AdSense Account Approved
Google Adsense Approval Email Message.

That’s all. ✓

If you need help to do any of these so that Google adsense can approve your website for monetization and make money onlinemake money online just Click here or Whatsapp me on +2348083126930 to Contact Us and we will help you for just $45 Only .

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