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How to create free WordPress blog and make money in Nigeria in 2020

Hello, you are welcome to aschoolz.com, I hope you landed on this page while you were looking for “how to create free WordPress blog”. 


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I will happily tell you that you landed to the right place, where you will be teach on how to create free WordPress site in less than 15 minutes.

How to create free WordPress blog

Starting a free WordPress blog can seem intimidating if you’re new to the system, but WordPress as already makes the entire process to be so easy for beginners.


How to Create Free WordPress Blog

How to create free WordPress site

Before we go further on how to create free WordPress site/blog, I need to tell you that WordPress has a paid version for users to create website/ blog has they have the free version which is WordPress.com, so also they have the paid version which is WordPress.org. To know the differences between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org and the benefits WordPress paid version (Self hosted WordPress) has over WordPress free version, you have to follow the link below:

READ: WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Now to create your free WordPress site/blog, just follow this simple and steps below:


How to create free WordPress blog

Step 1

  • 1. Goto WordPress.com Get Started Page
  • 1. Your first step is to visit WordPress.com and Select Get Started

You will see a page like the image below

How to create free WordPress blog

  •  Fill in your Email/Gmail address
  • Choose a username and password for yourself.
When you’re finished filling out the three text boxes, click Create your account.

Steps 2

  • 2. Enter Your Blog Information

Blog Information

  1. Enter your blog name
  2. What will your site be about?“, enter words or phrases separated by commas. For example, home, kids, family, travel.
  3. What is your primary goal you for your site?


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Answer: Choose and Select the primary goal for your site. E.g Share idea, experiences, update, review, story videos or photos. Or Select if you want to use it to promote your business, skill, Organization or even. Or Sell product, collect payment etc.

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  • In the section under “How comfortable are you with creating a website?“,you’ll see a scale ranging from 1 for a beginner and 5 for an expert.

    When you’re finished, click Continue.

Steps 3

  • 3. Give your site any name you want



Give your site name

  1. Pick the free option (home.blog).
  2. And click on Select button.
  3. And then click on Start with Free.

On the next page to see, you will see your new blog!



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Steps 4

  • Confirming the email sent to you by WordPress

  1. Check your email notification and confirm your email address by responding to the email that WordPress.com sent to you.
  2. Open the email message sent to you by WordPress and select Click here to Confirm Now to be greeted with a your welcoming email and a some “Get started” and few steps that WordPress recommends.

Steps 5

  • Dashboard setting up

In the dashboard, is where you will manage all your blog’s pages, media content, comments, plugins, and other customization that will make your blog unique.

I believe your first changes in your dashboard should be to remove or edit the placeholder blog post that all new WordPress blogs are given to show how posting works. To do that, open the Blog Posts part of your dashboard to view, edit, or trash the post.
Take your precious time to play around your WordPress dashboard and don’t be afraid to test the various tools and features available to you for customizing every corner of your site/blog.

How to make money online on free blog

Now that you have Create your free WordPress blog, your next step is to find a way to make money online through your free WordPress blog. You can’t just Create free site or blog and start publishing post day after days and be wasting your data without making money online from it. Truly, many blogger’s may have  told you that, you can’t make money online with free blog, but I am telling you this today that you can make money online through your free blog online, even more than those that have self hosted blog.

How to monetize your free WordPress blog 

The only ways to monetize your free WordPress site/blog is by promoting others people products online on your site and ask them to pay you for the advertisement you render them. Example
  1. Go into affiliate marketing
  2. Selling your own e-book online.
  3. Become a freelancer



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