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Free blog vs Self hosted blog 2022 | Best to choose in Nigeria

In this article, we are going to look into the differences in between free blog and self hosted blog.


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We will highlight you the advantages and the disadvantages in between the two blog and at the end of this article, you are going to know the one that is best to choose for you.

Free blog vs self hosted blog


Free Blog vs Self Hosted Blog

Free blog vs self hosted blog in Nigeria

You have to know what free blog his and self hosted blog before you can know what we are talking about here.

What is free blog

Free blog is that type of blog which was not paid for to create or start. They are free to runs and limited in nature.

What is Self hosted blog

Self hosted blog is that type of blog which was paid for to start or create. They are paid to run and unlimited in nature.

To start or create a new blog, there are many platform where you can create them on, but in this article, we will only go tells you the best two platforms you can start your blog on.

2 Best Blogging Platform to use for Blogging

About millions of website/blog were built on platform called “Blogger and WordPress” . Blogger is the oldest while WordPress follow.

Blogger and WordPress are the most used platform where you can build your blog/website on, both the platform have free and paid version. 

WordPress.com for free while WordPress.org for paid version

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So to create a blog, you have to choose one from these two platforms.

Differences between free blog and self hosted blog

There are many advantages and disadvantages in between self hosted blog and free blog which are has follow:

  1. Self hosted blog are paid for to start and run forever (either paying yearly or monthly) While free blog are free to start and run forever except for your browsing.
  2. In self hosted blog, you can have domain name of your choice. eg (www aschoolz.com) is the domain name of this site. While free blog have its domain name combine with the the blogging platform you choose eg (www.aschoolz.wordpress.com) that is, if you choose WordPress for your blogging platform, then if you choose blogger as your blogging platform, your domain name will be attach with blogspot eg (www.aschoolz.blogspot.com).

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  3. You will have the full Authority to your site in self hosted blog but you do not have the full authority of your blog in free blog.
  4. In self hosted blog, you can install any plugins and theme of your choice to make your blog look professional but you can’t do so in free blog.
  5. In self hosted blog, you will have the authority to control the SEO of your site but you cannot do do in free blog. (To be able to control the traffic of your site matter a lot).
  6. You can monitor the activities of your site and know the best traffic page on your site but you can’t do or know in self hosted blog.
  7. There are unlimited ways to make money on self hosted blog, but only few in free blog.
  8. Self hosted blog last forever when you paid your monthly or yearly subscription (charges) While in free blog, you can only runs your site for some year of 2 to 3 years. And also your account can be block at anytime.
  9. You can have unmetered bandwidth of video time and memory space on self hosted blog but only limited amount of bandwidth, video time and memory space on free blog.
  10. Your blog account will be closed if you do not renew your domain name registration when it expire from it yearly subscription or charges but there is nothing like that in free blog.

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From what you read there👆I can easily advice you to go for Self hosted blog/site, so that you can have full control over your SEO of your site and be able to monitor your site. Self hosted blog is good to go for, in terms of bandwidth, monetizing i.e (ways to make money from your blog) and professional blog looking.

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I Hope this Article make Sense, if there are some point I miss, please kindly tell us in the comment box. We are all here to learn.

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