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Your Need Before Getting Started to Blog in Nigeria in 2020

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Here are the first tools or material you will need before starting your new blog and make money on it.

Need Before Getting Started to Blog

Let’s look at the tools you’ll need to start an online business No, you don’t need to be a programmer or a graduate in marketing or writing.


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And you don’t need a huge amount of cash to get started, either.

Here is a short list of all that you need:
· A computer (laptop, desktop, etc.)
· A reliable internet connection
· Basic computer skills (browsing the internet, typing, performing simple computer operations such as uploading images, etc.)
· Minimal writing skills.

I stress the word “minimal.” All you need is a basic ability to express yourself clearly.

· $10 per year to register your domain name. Plus hosting fees (this varies depending on your chosen host) if you’re not going for a free hosting platform.

Most importantly, a strong determination to learn and take action, and the zeal to succeed.
Having understood all that has been stated, it’s very important that you know the hard sides of online business, as this will help prepare your mind for the challenges ahead.


What you need to start new blog

1. Laptop or Desktop (for typing on your blog)

Your Need Before Getting Started to Blog

2. A browsing phone (to browse the internet for some information, you may need)

Need in starting new blog


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3. And mouse ( I hope you already know what that is use for)

Your Need Before Getting Started to Blog in Nigeria in 2020 1

Those are your needy, NOTE: it does not matter if you don’t have your own personal Laptop or
Desktop before getting started. You can go to any Cyber cafe and start, before you buy your
own laptop/desktop. That is how i do before i purchase my own laptop
NOTE: You don’t need to rent office, you can do your blogging inside your room
And you don’t need a fashionable place or anything else than what i prescribe for you.

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As you can see to start online business is not something you will go to borrow money to start


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