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Advice How To Become Successful Blogger in Nigeria in 2020


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How To Become Successful blogger

how to become successful blogger in Nigeria

Do want to know how to be a successful blogger in Nigeria? To become a successful blogger is very easy only when, you plan it well before jumping into it.

Blogging is not something you can just wake-up one day and say, you want to start that very day.

Please, don’t let anyone deceive you that you can make your dream today and become a blogger within a week.
Sincerely, that person is really deceiving you.

Although to create a blog don’t consume much time, so far all your need are ready, you are ready to start blogging.

Some people may also tell you, that you can start making money a month, after creating a blog, but all is a lie. Some people start making money on their blog, six (6) months after they start blog while some people start making money one (1) year after they start blogging.

To make money online right from second month of starting blog, is very easy to do, only when you first plan well on what will make your blog bring income to you fast.

Some years ago when I first start blogging, I did some mistakes because I didn’t plan well before jumping into blogging. Some of the mistakes I did were that, I don’t have any knowledge about how to make money on blog and because I don’t know much about what am doing, which is blogging.

Although most of my blog posts/articles rank number one (1) on Google but, I didn’t earn any money because, I refused to plan before I jump into blogging.

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Before becoming a blogger or creating a blog, there are some plans you have to make and follow first, which are:

  • Make sure you have sufficient fund/money to start and run your blog.
  • Make sure you have sufficient capital (money) that can last you for five (5) to six (6) months to run your blog, before you start makes money on it.
  • Before you start blogging, make sure you write or type unique blog posts/articles down, minimum 15 to 20 articles with minimum of 500 words per each post/articles.
  • You can find someone who is interesting in blogging to joining you, so that you two can start running the blog together. Because two head will bring fast and good promotion to blog.
  • Before starting your own blog, make sure you have system (computer), because that will be much easier for you than when using phone to type.
  • You must be someone who likes writing and typing.
  • As I said earlier, make sure you have already have up-to 15 to 20 or maximum articles, to start.
  • Your articles/posts must be unique always i.e. it must be original content written by you, must be up-to 500 words and it must not be a photocopy of another blogger post or articles.
  • You need to do researches before starting a blog/website.
  • Don’t forget that computer, data and your time and efforts will make you to succeed.
  • Try to figure out what make people visiting others blog and apply such things to your blog, but don’t ever and never copy them.
  • Publish at-least up-to 3 to 5 good articles that you know people will really like to read on your blog every-day, for that will really make your site popular.
  • Traffic from search engine is your best source to you income.
  • Before you can make money that can feed you and your families in blogging, you will need good traffic to you site.
  • Master your niche.
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Advice and the need before becoming successful blogger

There are many warnings; you have to know about blogging that will hinder you of making money on your blog. I will highlight you some important warning you have to need to know before or in blogging. They are as follow:
The first warning I will give you about blogging is that, don’t ever and never do photocopy of other persons contents, because it will totally destroy all your effort.
Don’t create adult video or content blog such as (pornography photos or videos) etc.
If you don’t have at least up-to 15 to 20 articles that are up-to at-least 500 words each, and you are expecting to earn money from your site. That means you are still wasting your time of making money.
You create hacking or scamming blog, because you will never make it through that.
As a newbie in blogging, if you can follow all these things you read here, before and after you create your blog; you will really enjoy becoming a blogger, and you will start making money from your blog before two (2) to three (3) months.
One of the successful site that start making money from the second months of their establishment is WIKIHOW
Don’t forget that you can’t make money, when people visit your blog to read articles. There are some sources of income that blogger’s use to make money in blogging.


Some of the sources of incomes which blogger’s use to makes money in blogging are as follow:

  • The first source I will tell you is. Google AdSense” As a blogger, I will advise you to use Google AdSense as your source of your income, because
    Is the best among all. Google AdSense is a program run by Google. Click here to know more about Google AdSense works.
  • Infolink: Infolink is also good like Google Adsense, and you can also use it along with Google AdSense.
  •  The second source is “Affiliate” by promoting others people product on your blog .
  • The third, source is freelancing.
  •  Fourth, by selling your own product e.g. E-book etc.
  •  Selling banners on your site.
    Traffics without all these sources are all useless, even though your site received one (1) million traffic i.e. visitors per day without any source of income, I can say that such site is a useless site.

Advice and the need before becoming successful blogger

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