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How to Enjoy Free Internet Using Xp Psiphon VPN | 2021 Cheat

How to Enjoy Free Internet Using Xp Psiphon VPN in 2021

NOTE: this page you are about to read is all about how to enjoy free browsing using Xp Psiphon VPN App


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On this page today, I am going to share with you on “how to enjoy free internet using Xp Psiphon VPN”. With Xp Psiphon VPN, you can browse the internet freely without any network failure.

Xp Psiphon VPN free browsing is one of the best free internet connection VPN out there. You can only enjoy Xp Psiphon VPN free internet only when you do the settings correctly. 

Some people said it doesn’t work for them and I think that is because they didn’t set the Xp Psiphon VPN settings correctly or the version of their phone is too low for the VPN. 

How to Enjoy Free Internet Using Xp Psiphon VPN


How to Enjoy Free Internet Using Xp Psiphon VPN | 2021 Cheat

How to Enjoy Free Internet Using Xp Psiphon VPN

Xp Psiphon VPN is Know for her strong connection and downloading speed. Over years this tunnel have not failed when it comes to free browsing cheat. They offer all their servers to be free but it has limited usage.

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This VPN can be used on Android iOS and Windows. The older version of this app drains battery, so I advice you to use new version of the app.



How to Enjoy Free Internet Using Xp Psiphon VPN | 2021 Cheat

Here is how you can activate free internet on your Sim card using XP Psiphon….

  • Download XP Psiphon CLICK HERE
  • Download Xp psiphon config file, this file contains settings to enjoy free browsing. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 
  • Now install and open your XP Psiphon app. Follow the guide below to setup free internet trick.
  • Click on the three dots lined up at the top right side of the app.
    Select on import file, browse and located the place that you downloaded the config file to, select it and it will importantly.
    Enter the config file password, type Jackobian
  • Click on connect, once it is connected enjoy free browsing and unlimited Internet.

NOTE: This cheating works on selected sim card, so if it did not work on your Sim. Find another Sim, it works for old Sim cards, like 4 to 6 years old minimum. Enjoy the Internet at zero cost using free VPN.


Setting 2: Free Internet Using XP Psiphon

If the above settings didn’t work for you, don’t worry because we at aschoolz.com get you covered. Here is another settings to enjoy VPN free browsing using XP Psiphon.


Location settings on your XP Psiphon and implement the following.

Tick remove port
• Proxy Type: Reverse Proxy
• Proxy Server: bit.ly/Airtel-wlcma
• Real Proxy Type: Inject
• Real Proxy Server:
• Set Real Proxy Port: 3128
• Now Click Save
• Turnel whole device
• Accept.
• Navigate to options
• Select Region: Best Performance
• Click on More Option
• Tick connect through an HTTP
• Tick use the following settings
• Enter Host Address:
• Click on Port: 3128
• Go back and hit on Connect button

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It will take you 5 to 8 minutes to connect, once it is connected. Enjoy unlimited internet access. 

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