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Glo Free Browsing Cheat Using Anonytun Vpn (2020/2021) ✓

Glo Free Browsing Cheat Using Anonytun Vpn for 2021 trick. 


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Glo free Browsing Cheat Using Anonytun VPN: Here is another Glo free browsing cheat using the Anonytun Vpn app trick to browse free on your Glo sim card.

Have been using this app for more than a year now and it has never fuck me up once so I decided to share this Glo Anonytun Vpn free browsing cheat with you today as I share the Glo new cheat that work with 100% sure Data free with you last time. 


Glo Free Browsing Cheat Using Anonytun Vpn

This Anonytun Vpn is a yet another settings for Glo 0.0k unlimited free browsing cheat

This VPN is so fast compared to other VPN out there, based on my experience. 

What is AnonyTun Vpn all About.

AnonyTun VPN is a free tunnelling vpn that is completely free & fast VPN with unlimited servers with no limit and also helps you bypass ISPs limitations and restrictions. AnonyTun is a brand new free VPN tunnel which was created to solve the problems our various ISP networks have imposed on us.


These are the reasons i love this vpn so much compared to other VPNs that I’ve used. Reasons are based on my experience using the vpn app and not a hype. 

It has inbuilt unlimited servers that automatically choose servers

>> It has no limit of users or data usage. Everything is unlimited and totally FREE.

>> It’s the first vpn that auto reconnects within 1secs.

>> It’s very fast, and i bet you, you will fall in love with this vpn.

>> It has a very simple user interface.

>> It has a simple Handler UI too.

>> It hardly disconnect. But when it does, it will reconnect within a blink of an eye. Isn’t this interesting?

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I guess you will be waiting for the settings for Glo unlimited free browsing cheat? Alright, let’s dive into the main purpose of this post.

GLO Unlimited free Browsing Cheat for Anonytun Vpn 

I have the working and fast settings for Glo free browsing cheat for AnonyTun vpn. This works with 0.0 airtime balance and you don’t need to have any data active on your sim.

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Requirements for Glo Unlimited free Browsing on Anonytun Vpn 

  1.     You will need An Android phone
  2.     No active data plan
  3.     Strong 3G network and
  4.     AnonyTun vpn – App
Firstly, use my APN settings below
Apn name: Techbobo Blog
Apn: glodirect
Apn type: tick Default and Supl
Proxy and Port: leave them blank
Username and Password: flat
Glo Free Browsing Cheat Using Anonytun Vpn

Download AnonyTun on Playstore here

NOTE: When you get to that page, kindly wait for 5seconds and click on SKIP AD at the top right corner.

How to Setup Anonytun Vpn for free Browsing on Glo sim

To setup the Anonytun Vpn for Glo free browsing, just follow the steps and instructions below;

1. Open AnonyTun.
2. Click on Stealth Settings.
3. Turn on Stealth Tunnel.
4. Change Connection Protocol to HTTP.
5. Connection Port to 80.
6. Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.

Glo Free Browsing Cheat Using Anonytun Vpn
Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.

Now use below settings
Request method: POST.
Injection method: Normal.
Tick User-Agent.
Leave other boxes un-ticked.

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Click on Generate.
Then Save.

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Click on Connect, wait few seconds for AnonyTun to connect.

Enjoy a more stable GLO 0.0K unlimited cheat from AnonyTun. I’ve been ( getting impressive speed here on my Glo line and my 3G network is really cool here.

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