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MTN Latest Cheat Code 0Kb 2020 (FAST B4 IT GET BLOCK)

This is the MTN Latest Cheat Code for this season.


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There tons and thousand of MTN Cheat code out there, but this leave my mouth open and I was unable to close it, because I thought it will not work.

But after I test and give a try to it, my biggest Surprise is that it work well for me and I was able to to use it to browse free.

The big and popular free browsing on the MTN network am currently talking about is the ‘MTN 0.0kb 24clan VPN Pro Free Browsing‘ which allows for an unlimited free browsing. 

Additionally, rather than editing lines of codes in an app, the new customised app allows for minimal settings as most of it had been pre-coded to the app by it’s developers. 

MTN Latest Cheat Code 0Kb (MTN Latest free browsing cheat)

MTN Latest Cheat Code 0Kb (MTN Latest free browsing cheat)

What you need to effect the setup of the MTN 0.0kb 24clan VPN Pro Free Browsing 

  • • 24clan VPN Pro Apk
    • An MTN SIM with N0.0k balance 
    • A working Android Phone and,
    • The setup procedures
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-24clan VPN Pro Apk: Considered safe and clean to appear on google’s play store, it can be downloaded on the PlayStore here

Apart from being safe and secure, it’s also a free app! 

– MTN SIM with N0.0k balance: Any newly bought or old MTN sim card can be used, it isn’t sim selective. 

If you are with a new sim, verify whether it’s registered; if with an old sim make sure you have not more than N0.00k as airtime on such sim. 

– A working Android Phone: Any phone with an android operating system not less than the 4.4 version can be used. Feature phones can’t however benefit from this trick. 

– Setup procedures: Haven downloaded the app, install and launch it. The next step is to click on the none button under the server which would reveal to you a list of some option.  Select MTN 0.0k from the list and click connect to start it up! 

24clan Pro apk can be used as a normal VPN or for any other free browsing purpose. To use the app as a VPN, leave the button under the server at none. 

The app can be used for free browsing cutting across any country and telecom network. You need to import files related to such network or create a custom free browsing configuration. This can be done by changing the initial option on the app’s main menu from ‘none’ to ‘custom’. 

Another free browsing trending from MTN is through HeaderTun VPN. The steps to use it is:

After download, instal the app;
Click on Stealth settings and then turn it on 

Other settings are;

Connection Protocol: TCP 
Connection Port: 8080 
Connect via Parent Proxy: Don’t enable 
Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Enable 
Host: https://apps .mtn .com 
Request Method: Get 
Injection Method: Normal 
Reverse Proxy: Tick G

enerate and then save then click save again in the “Stealth Settings”. 

Click On CONNECT Button. Once connected, start browsing!

Note: It is not yet stable

All cheats and tricks related to MTN free browsing this year would be updated as it breaks here.

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