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Buy with Hongqi H9 300pi? 1pi = 100 dollars

Buy with Hongqi H9 300pi? 1pi = 100 dollars


Buy with Hongqi H9 300pi? 1pi = 100llars


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Pi Network has launched 14 major applications on mainnet. Shenzhen Piyou has experienced car buying in advance!

The PiAPP homepage experience describes 14 ecological applications.

These ecological applications are very rudimentary and connect with every way of life including basic necessities, food, housing, transportation, education and healthcare, and applications that people often need!

1. Real-name authentication scheme for local clients worldwide.

2. Community autonomy distributed across each community.

3. Pi Coin Wikipedia application, maintenance and popular science.

4. Submit BUG Error Feedback.

5. In the advertising market, the revenue is fed back to the Pi friends, not the capitalists.

6. Project Check-In, Viscosity and Welfare.

7. News social platform publishing business, a transnational real information platform based on Picoin.

8. NFT, Crypto Arts Section.

9. Gaming entertainment platform.

10. Software testing, application platform.

11. Market research based on Picoin, information summary, global real-world information research.

12. Global shopping malls, goods or services trading platforms.

13. Social platforms, making friends, chatting and dating, etc.

14. Decentralized Finance, Tokens, DeFi, Decentralized Financial Exchanges!


Buy with Hongqi H9 300pi? 1pi = 100 dollars

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In short, identity authentication, online education, advertising market, payment system, press release, NFT, gaming sector, test system, survey voting, commodity trading, social entertainment, trading platform… The future will be a DAPPS-based public chain . Vientiane.

This barter only supports users who have opened an internal transfer.

The internal transfer feature was activated on Piyou’s account, and 300 Pi coins were used for the naked car 304,900 Hongqi H9 sedan. Two locations near Namshan, Shenzhen and Hangzhou support π redemption. 1Pi currency is worth 1,000 yuan, the account does not need to sign a contract and there are not many complicated procedures. When people still doubt the authenticity of Pi, people have already used Pi for Red Flag H9, how can you not regret not participating in this free mining? You can mine for more than 100 days for free, you can collect 6 per day, and you can buy Hongqi H9 even if you participate now!

The hackathon is only about enriching the ecosystem and increasing the value of coins.

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The Pi Hackathon gives the Pi community the opportunity to develop applications on the Pi application platform, creating real world applications and infrastructure. The package includes a district-level social rating application, a KYC application, a broadcast network application, a news program application, and a DeFi finance application. The Pi main network is coming and the world will only get bigger. Pay Payment Gateway’s application to achieve KYC has landed, and Pay Payment’s application can’t wait to solve trade settlements, smooth payments via fiat and crypto, uninterrupted payments, global converters. Solve free exchange of global currencies!

Pi is positioning itself as a blockchain benchmark and creating a universally used currency. This is indeed a very ambitious dream.

With 350 million people using the dominant fiat currency, the US dollar, Pi will be used by billions of people. We are lucky to be part of the excavation faction, and everyone should cherish this golden opportunity!

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