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Don’t worry about your Pi coin is too small, the real bonus period is after the main net! How to participate in the present and future of Pai?

Don’t worry about your Pi coin is too small, the real bonus period is after the main net! How to participate in the present and future of Pai?

“If someone misses an opportunity, it’s probably not because the opportunity didn’t come, but when the opportunity came, they didn’t catch it.”


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Just like the romantic poet Shelley said, “Man cannot create opportunities, but he can seize those opportunities that have already appeared.” I have to admit that pie is a rare project in recent years, so I seize this opportunity tightly. It is a top priority. Because there are not many good opportunities, if you let it go, then it really shouldn’t be.

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First of all, I solemnly emphasize that there is not much time for free mining, less than 150 days! Lightning the lightning on time is your wise move.

Everyone understands that only a small part of the 21 million Pioneer miners followed the pie all the way from start to finish.

Most of them joined the pie late, and there were less pie on the road, so there were fewer pie, plus the login problem. The pie that can be dug in a day is even rarer.

Therefore, many sending friends are more anxious and stop production after the mainnet goes live, so what can they do with the few coins in their hands?

In fact, there is no need to worry about this. If you really want to have more pies, although the mainnet line is likely to be discontinued, you can seize a lot of opportunities after the mainnet line.

In fact, there are many ways to earn pie, and lighting the lightning on time is only the least effective way.

If you missed the previous time, then you should seize the post-mainnet period, because after the mainnet launch is the best bonus period for earning dividends.

Therefore, pioneers who have entered pinetwork later do not have to worry at all. After the main network, it is the real dividend period for the recognizer.

There are all opportunities to come up later. Wealth will not always belong to a certain person. Wealth is eternally flowing, and the direction of flow has never changed. The eternal law of wealth is to distribute wealth based on cognition!

More importantly, even the first people who got into the car to mine, if they don’t know enough, they can only get a small amount of early fortune on pinetwork. Obtain a pile of slag, without glaring eyes, real gold can only be sold as scrap iron!

The pioneers who are late in mining can seize the ecological program after Pi’s main network to earn money, and they can also obtain cheap chips from Xiaobai.

Pinetwork is a bonus of the era, and it will not be like a currency circle project that needs to grab the top mine and look for it.

Time to sell! The bonus period can range from a few months to a few days! Most of the rest are risks! The bonus period of pinetwork is very long and long, which is greater than our entire life, so don’t worry, the opportunity will really start from the moment you understand pinetwork!

First of all, of course, the most important thing is to seize the few free mining opportunities now and light up the lightning on time. In addition, we have all seen the news of Pai Gang’s update, and suddenly many applications have emerged and are eager to try.

Then by analogy, there will be countless applications in finance, catering, real estate, automobiles, tourism, entertainment, games, and shopping in the future. So at this time we should look at the timing and seize the opportunity decisively.

In this era, all people earn are cognitive wealth. The first people to eat crabs relied on luck, and they must rely on cognition to be able to eat crabs for a long time.

Going back more than ten years, if we can put out a small part of the money to invest in Alibaba or Meituan, then you are now worth more than double. Just like Sun Zhengyi, who invested in Alibaba, the wealth that Lei Jun, Ma Huateng, Liu Chuanzhi, Feng Lun, and Xue Manzi missed due to their short-sightedness are now in his wallet. So sometimes cognition is more important than effort.

Now that we have not caught up with the dividend period of the Internet, if we miss the dividend period of the blockchain, we can only regret it for life.

After the hackathon is over, a large number of projects will surely spring up. Those that spring up are naturally mixed, so at this time you need your eye to know the pearl.

Choose a few good projects and participate in the promotion in the initial stage. Just like the first batch of people who promoted WeChat and Alipay, they have now made a lot of money.

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pinetwork is a huge ecosystem, once it is up and running, it is an economic market. All the applications in it are brand new, waiting for development investment.

Therefore, as long as you decisively choose a few projects that you are optimistic about, within your abilities, whether you are using pie investment or human investment, you can earn more pie through this way. Earning pie with your pie will be your best choice. Maybe the application you are investing in or promoting is Ali or Tencent on the blockchain! You can use your pie to become their angel investor, get the earliest equity, and wait for a steady stream of dividends after the success of the project!

Not only investment, you can also install nodes to get income and earn rewards. According to Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain nodes have the right to bookkeeping, and the miners on each node can compete for the right to bookkeeping fairly.

The miners on which node first solves the mathematical problem will naturally get the block. Digital currency for rewards.

The rewarded currency is the transaction fee in the market, and this node also obtains the right to keep accounts. So installing nodes is also a way to earn pie.

Most of the current pioneer miners will make a fortune after the mainnet, and everyone will have the ability to build nodes in the future! Pies will run faster and faster, and the circulation will increase!

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The best way (time) to get the pie? (Before the main net: the value has not been revealed)

1. Cherish one of the few free mining time of more than 100 days, because the free period is suitable for everyone;

2. If you know enough about faction, you will have enough courage to promote and face doubts.

The fastest way (time) to get pi? (After the main net: Value appears)

1. Acquire the basic currency in the hands of low-cognition people at a low price; (Note: Due to the cost, it is not suitable for everyone!)

2. Open a store to sell goods or services on the pi gateway to earn rewards, and you can also open a physical store to support pi payment offline! (Note: physical stores need to pay a cost, not suitable for everyone!)

3. Use Picoin to participate in the investment of the pinetwork application that emerged in the later period, become an angel investor, and get the original shares! (Note: You need to have a unique vision and discernment ability, and bear the risk of corresponding investment losses!)

4. Join an application on pinetwork, participate in promotion, and become an early partner! Every application needs not only technical talents but also promotion talents, not to mention that Pai has already accumulated natural traffic! (Note: You need to pay time costs and be prepared for project failure!)

5. Use the money earned from the earliest free coins to purchase the corresponding configuration node equipment, and participate in the operation of the node to earn transaction fees!

To sum up, it is currently the lowest risk, lowest cost, and best way to obtain pie. It is suitable for everyone, but because the value has not been shown, most people don’t pay attention to it, reject, deny, and even sarcasm! Then it’s okay, just continue to wait for the next stage!

After the main network, the way to quickly obtain pie is simple and rude, spend money to buy and buy, sell and sell goods, push and push the program… But at this stage, it is suitable for capitalists with strong financial resources, businessmen, and visionary fighters.

Among them, there are many of the earliest pioneers. They are better than most ordinary people in terms of cognition, number of factions, and courage. They are pioneers for a day and pioneers for life! Dare to be the first to eat crabs, and have the ability to eat crabs forever!

Most people can only accept passively and change passively. No matter how ordinary the past is, the future will remain equally ordinary. Although the pie will gradually penetrate into everyone’s life, it is dragged into the torrent of advancement by the times and can only be foolishly at a loss, drifting with the flow, swallowing with the whirlpool!

The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by now! The same is true of opportunities.

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Don’t indulge in Bitcoin ten years ago. The past cannot be followed. Grab the pie that cherishes the present. Ten years later, it will be a towering tree that will shelter you and your family from the wind and rain!

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