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Why garden egg leaf good for pregnant women

Why garden egg leaf good for pregnant women.


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Today you are going to know why garden egg leaf and the great health benefits of garden egg leaf.

🤰 Pregnant woman needs more of vitamins and minerals which are available in garden egg leaf in large quantities. Garden egg leaf is used in the preparation of vegetable steals and yam dishes. It can be eaten raw or used to prepare salad.

It is rich in vitamin B, C and potassium, Calcium. According to the Guardian, recent investigations have shown that garden egg leaves are rich in which phytochemical. Which protects the body from cancer formation. They are also high in potassium, a necessary salt that helps maintain the function of the heart and regulation blood pressure.

Why garden egg leaf good for pregnant women

Regular consumption of garden egg leaves help in controlling of the blood sugar due to its High fibre and low carbohydrate content.

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In a recent study undertaken to assess the function of garden egg leaf. the results suggested that eating that the head is better of reducing blood cholesterol than Apple and oats.

Mrs. Comfort Omoregie a pregnant woman said she normally use it as blood tonic by squeezing the leaves and bringing out the juice that some times, she eat the leaf raw in Africa salad or mixed with red oil.

Why garden egg leaf good for pregnant women

If kids are anaemic, squeeze the juice from the leaves and mix with malt drink. it works faster than folic acid in improving blood level.

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Dr. Bright Chimezie Awnwacha of the University of Uyo said that daddy and leave provides women with micro nutrients which help in improving blood level. For the baby, it provides it with basic mineral elements for proper development and also prevent inborn errors of metabolism, the first and improves the babies weight.

This is because garden egg leaf is rich in mineral element especially folic acid which is necessary for red cell formation. In fact euparts are encouraging people suffering from elevated cholesterol level and obesity to eat more of these vegetable in its fresh form.

That’s it, for the health benefits of garden egg leaf on our health tips. For more health advice and tips, visit our HEALTH TIPS page

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