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The top-level ecological explosion: the large-scale international Pi mall is completed!

The top-level ecological explosion: the large-scale international Pi mall is completed! Thousands of products such as cars, motorcycles, tomatoes, chicken drumsticks, mobile phones, and TVs are waiting for you to barter!


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Pi international mall

Since the official birth of Pai in March 2019, all Pai friends have known the fact that Pai’s most basic common sense Pai wants to build an ecological public chain, which is to create an online and offline ecosystem that uses Pai as a payment medium!

If you still don’t know this common sense, it means that your soy sauce maker is very unqualified! Since it is to build an ecological public chain, from March 2019, some more radical friends have begun to be elated and unprecedentedly excited.


Start planning and designing their own shopping mall, starting to buy domain names, buying space, and hiring website developers. Begin to build an online pie shopping mall.

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At that time, there were at least tens of thousands of such friends to build a shopping mall, because everyone wanted to grab this piece of cake as soon as possible.


At that time, many sent friends had the same idea. According to the progress of other blockchains, it is generally three to four months from the beginning to the launch, which is only about half a year.

In just two or three months, the domain name, the space, and the mall were designed for this group of friends. They only waited for the mainnet to go online and began large-scale investment operations.

But the ideal is very plump and the reality is very skinny.


After half a year, the main network did not come, and the main network still did not come a year later, even after two years, the main network still did not come, so the mall was all stranded! Among them, my country sent friends to build several large online shopping malls, which have been stranded for more than two years. Such as Dabao, Ascendas, OK and other malls!

However, as the hackathon kicked off in July this year, marking the official start of the creation of pie ecology, these veteran malls that have been immersed for more than two years have begun to continue!


According to the news released by Paiyou, the project team’s technical team has now received hundreds of thousands of ecological solutions, and these ecological solutions are all to escort the Pai mainnet when it goes online!


Thanks to the ecological public chain, some well-known ecological editors in the hackathon have also written a lot of cases before, and interested friends can find the articles written by the editor a few days ago to see them.

Today, there is another video that blasted the entire pie circle. This video is a video of a shopping mall.


The products in it can be described as dazzling, ranging from tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken legs, ribs, etc. in daily life to mobile phones, TV series, and motorcycles. , Cars and more!

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As it is an international pie mall, our friends still can’t open this mall website! But in a few days, after the node is officially tested and run, you can enter these international malls at will! The merchandise in this mall is really complete, because it has everything, it is just the beginning, and new products are constantly being added to it.


The biggest shortcoming of this mall now is that the value given to pie is not as high as everyone thinks, between 8 and 9 dollars per pie! Regarding the value that this mall now assigns to Pai, you don’t care about it.


It doesn’t make any sense. Only the price in the mall after Pai’s main network is of practical significance!


This is just a shopping mall, and there are at least tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of such malls after the main network! So send friends don’t have to worry that your Pai main network will not sell, you have to worry about whether you will send it to barter at that time!


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