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The starting point of the dream is persistence! There are 159 days left before the mainnet on Pi, how much π can you mine?

The starting point of the dream is persistence! There are 159 days left before the mainnet on Pi, how much π can you mine?


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how much π can you mine?

Classic Copywriting in Moments:

Keeping people is worse than paying attention. Only if the heart stays on π can you make a powerful contribution to the development of π.


In this era where opportunities and challenges coexist, we must know how to recognize bad temptations and grasp real opportunities firmly. If you believe it, stick to it, and if you stick, please believe it.

Pi was created by a team led by several Ph.Ds and professors from Stanford University! Summarizing the criticism of the blockchain development for more than 10 years, Pi is developed based on the underlying consensus algorithms of the Federal Byzantine Agreement (FBA) and the Stellar Consensus Agreement (SCP).


In addition, pi has beaten BTC and ETH with a transfer speed of 0.3 seconds per transaction and the number of nodes exceeding 10,000.

In the next three years, Pi will become the leader of Blockchain 3.0, and it will complete the original intention and vision that BTC cannot accomplish. At present, Pi has registered areas in more than 200 countries and has more than 21 million active users.


The Pi core team has announced many times that it will launch the mainnet at the end of this year! The most important thing is that Pi is still free from the start, so please cherish it!

If the money you make a day at work is not enough to dig a Pi coin, why not use a VPN to dig a few more coins a day?

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Many people say that VPN is troublesome, I think it should not be troublesome than going to work! And dig and cherish! “Approximately winter, see you on the mainnet”


I have been digging for almost two years. Look, this poor online rate, half a year later, you guys will definitely thank you who keep lighting up the lightning every day. I believe that π will not disappoint our 21 million people. 

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