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Sidegig Review | In this page, you are going to know if is legit or scam Review - Earn Money Performing Task (Is Legit or Scam)


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What is Sidegig?

Sidegig is an online work-space for freelancers. Sidegig serves to connect users by providing simple to complete gigs online. Jobs listed on the platform are diverse and limitless. It ranges from simple tasks such as liking or commenting on contents to completing of surveys and polls. is an online platform that give chance to people to earn money on their platform by just performing a simple task online. Review – Is Legit or Scam?

As I said above, sidegig is a task earning platform. Sidegig is a platform that give chance to people to earn money online by just performing a simple task such Like, commenting, retweeting, follow, share, review etc.

I know you are here because you want to know if is legit or scam, maybe you should register or not because you’re afraid it might be a scam or time waster site such as “socialDM“. But don’t worry because is not all online money earning platforms are scam or time waster.

I am pleased to inform you that is Legit and not scam.

How does work?

Sidegig gives everyone the power to earn as much as they want by performing simple online tasks, with Sidegig, there are no limits to your earnings. The more you are active online, the more you earn.

How much can I make on

There is no limit. You can work as much as you want, many freelancers come to sidegig to earn full time while others earn part-time  utilizing their free time. On the platform, you can make as much as you want to make daily. 

The platform give chance for it members to earn money being a free member or by paying to become among the premium member so you can earn x20 income of what the free user’s are making daily on the platform.

Sidegig Sign Up – How to Join


Sidegig Sign Up - How to Join

1. Go-to the sidegig account sign up page to register an account

2. Fill in the requirements

3. Referral: Aschoolz

— (#Aschoolz). 

4. Register as “User/freelancer” or has “Brand/Promoter“. 

NOTE: if you want to make money on the platform, you will select register as “User/Freelancer But if you have anything you want to promote then, register as a “Brand/Promoter. 

5. Click on “Register“. 

That’s all! You’ve successfully create your sidegig account. Now, the next step is to activate your sidegig account and how to perform task on sidegig to make earn money daily. — RECOMMENDED: See the full guide on how to earn ₦2000 – ₦4000 daily on sidegig

How long does withdrawal take on


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A payment date is scheduled within 20 to 25 days after requesting for withdrawal. All submitted gigs are checked before withdrawal gets processed. Most freelancers use this period to earn more income.

How to withdraw on

You get paid directly into your local bank.  You can request withdrawal on reaching the minimum threshold of 4000. Terms and Conditions apply.

Will I get refunded if my sidegig,co account get desabled?

No. The one time activation fee is non-refundable. Endeavor to read our Terms and Conditions to know reasons why an account gets disabled.

Can I get my Sidegig account back if desabled?

No. Before your account gets disabled, you must have submitted too many gigs without completing them. 

Not receiving my sidegig OTP after registration 

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Ensure the phone number inputted is correct and active. The OTP should arrive in less than a minute.

At the point of withdrawal, deductions are made to serve as a final warning before the disabling of your account.

You do not need to fill in the referral box from registering. Referral is not compulsory before earning or withdrawing

You will not be able to submit gigs until you have verified a social profile for that platform.

There is a link to a detailed video tutorial showing how to verify your social profile on the Sidegig website.

As of now, Sidegig is only available to Nigerians. We have made plans to expand to other parts of the world very soon

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That’s all

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