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Is SocialDM Legit or Scam – SocialDM.co Review | Is SocialDM paying

Is SocialDM Legit or Scam, SocialDM review


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SocialDM Reviewin this page, you’re going to read my review of SocialDM weather SocialDM is legit or scam. (SocialDM.co review, is SocialDM.co legit or scam, is SocialDM really paying)? continue reading!

Is SocialDM Legit or Scam - SocialDM.co Review | Is SocialDM paying


What is SocialDM?

SocialDM is an online companion that offer users the ability to test free apps, share their opinion and invite their friends and family to earn cash through a personalized experience that connects them with the brands they love.

SocialDM Review – is SocialDM Legit or Scam

Even without going more deeper on SocialDM, these are what I found.

Firstly, SocialDM claim your Your favorite social media influencer most likely works with them. And they said that they’ve established the reputation as the #1 Earning Network according to Forbes. Red Flag 

Is SocialDM safe? 

We take your security and privacy very seriously. We encrypt all your data so that no-one can see it, NOT EVEN US. They said that they encrypt your password on our servers so that it cannot be read by anyone it shouldn’t be. They said they don’t share your data with anyone else without your permission. (My question here is, do you read their terms and conditions before you register on the site)? Because if you don’t read the SocialDM terms of agreement, you might be signing an agreement and permitting them to share your data and you don’t know.
So I advise you to be reading the terms and conditions of any platform you join because you might not get any power to win the case when trouble start. 

Again, SocialDM said that their two founders spotted the opportunity to do something good for internet users, online businesses and charities. They spent a year building the SocialDM technology around their idea and getting the right expertise and support in place, and then launched in 2018. – Who are these two founders they’re talking about? No one knows them. Red Flag 

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What do I get when using SocialDM?

When using SocialDM, the SocialDM said that they work in the background to get your special offers to beta test and brands that pay you for testing their products/apps or giving your opinion on them. We give you cash for testing out free apps, games and voicing your opinion. – yes, after you do what they told you to do, you will really see money add up to your balance in your dashboard but it an audio money (you won’t be able to withdraw it because at the end of the day you placed withdraw, they will tell you that you cheat the system and they will not pay you).  Red Flags

We also pay you for clicks and invites because you are driving traffic and potential members to our site. – yes, you drive traffic to their site and they make money through the activities you do on the site such as testing newly launched App/brand and you get paid doing that. Green

Can you really do task on SocialDM.co to make money?

Yes, you can really do task on SocialDM and make money into your SocialDM account balance – Green ✓ 

How quickly does SocialDM pay out?

However you opt to cashout your earnings, SocialDM claim to do everything in their power to get your earnings to you right away. They said usually your money will appear in your Payment Method within a few minutes of you asking for it and if you’ve chosen to cash out your rewards to a gift card, you should receive an email from them within a few minutes too. – Red Flag, because many users out there are still waiting for their money after a month to 2 months and last last, don’t won’t get it….. Lol…. That kind money expectations can give people hypertension. 

(Banking hours, public holidays and systems outside SocialDM’s control can sometimes cause a delay.)

How much will I earn on SocialDM.co?

There’s no limit to how much you can earn on SocialDM. They offer you cash rewards for engaging with brands, as well as for sharing your opinion by answering surveys, as well as for clicks and invites and much more. 

You can also earn even more by inviting your friends to join SocialDM. Some SocialDM users are earning thousands daily just by inviting their friends! – Yes, some people are earning thousands of dollars by just referring people to SocialDM but are these people be able to withdraw the money they work for? Yes and No because 99.9% of them were not able to withdraw the money. Red Flag


NOTE: it not working for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you too… (Some people are cashing out from this platform but not everyone). You can try your luck! Who knows weather it will work for you. 

SocialDM Registration – How to Sign Up for SocialDM.co Account

To sign up on SocialDM is free and easy, just Go to their sign up page HERE and enter your email address and a password of your choice, choose your username and you are good to go.

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With SocialDM Earn Cash, not swag or points!

According to what you read on this page, I think you can easily figure out if SocialDM an online companion that offer users the ability to test free apps, share your opinion and invite friends family to earn cash is really or not. 

That’s all. 

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