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Psiphon handler For Free Browsing Cheat 2021/2022 | Psiphon Handler free Internet

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Psiphon handler For Free Browsing | Psiphon handler For Free Internet 

NOTE this information you are about to read is all about 
Psiphon Handler for free Browsing Cheat

Here’s another cheat to enjoy unlimited access to internet free Using HTTP Injector to browse free.

If you have been following Aschoolz Cheat, you will know that all the cheat we have publishing on this site is 100% legit. We do our confirmation with some internet guru before we carry out to the web. 

Last week, we published a cheat on how to enjoy free internet using Http Injector but today, I am going to teach you how to enjoy free internet using Psiphon Handler. 

Psiphon handler For Free Browsing

Psiphon handler For Free Browsing, Internet

This is one of the popular VPN free browsing cheat handle. This app is designed specially to aid free Internet and support unlimited download. This app is free and unlimited, works well on Android and PC with android emulator.



Settings On How to Enjoy Free data Using Psiphon Handler 


• When you have finished downloading the app, install and launch it.
• Now implement the following settings on your Psiphon.

Check Remove port box
Proxy type: Dual Real Host
Set Proxy server: datareset.mtnonline.com/#Xstring
Set Real proxy type: HTTP
Enter Real proxy port: 80
• Navigate to OPTIONS and select the UNITED STATES as your region.
• Now, tap on MORE OPTIONS, under CONNECT THROUGH HTTP, and enter as Host address and 8080 as Port


Now you are set to enjoy free Internet, note that this cheat works well on MTN Sim card. So enjoy unlimited and free Internet. Share this article with family and friends

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Psiphon Handler Settings For Airtel Users

On this section, you are going to know how to set up Psiphon Handler for Airtel users

After downloading your VPN and installing it, tweak the following settings.


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• Tick remove port
• Proxy Type: Reverse Proxy
• Proxy Server: bit.ly/Airtel-wlcma
• Real Proxy Type: Inject
• Real Proxy Server:
• Real Proxy Port: 3128
• Now Click Save
• Got to options
• Select Region: Best Performance
• Navigate to More Option
• Tick connect through an HTTP
• Tick use the following settings
• Host Address:
• Port: 3128
• Return to homepage and click on connect

Psiphon handler For Free Browsing

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Now you can enjoy free browsing on your Sim card. Remember to share this article with family and friends. 


Congratulation for knowing about Psiphon Handler For Free Data Cheat | Psiphon Handler VPN Free Browsing Cheat • Free Browsing Trick Using Psiphon Handler. For more Aschoolz Cheat, Go-to Aschoolz.com/cheat or Click Here

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