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Pi Network After the mainnet: You may be able to dig pi! After the administrator broke the news on the main network and stopped raising new pi, they can continue to withdraw transaction fees to mine!

Pi Network After the mainnet 


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Just yesterday, on July 20, the administrator revealed the latest news: it may stop raising new coins. Part of the transaction fee for everyone’s transaction will be rewarded to the node, and part of it will be used as a mining reward.

Pi Network After the mainnet 

Pi Network After the mainnet 

Mining can continue to dig, but it is very rare. First, let me focus on the specific rules that Nicholas will publish on the homepage in the future, and the administrator also explains the most likely situation. So no matter if this is the case or if the main network will be discontinued in the future, it will be very difficult for you to get pi.


By then, even if you can mine everyone, the rate will be very slow and very slow, compared to what you are now It’s a period of high-speed digging in the future history of the Pai. This opportunity is rare in a lifetime. You must firmly grasp it!

In fact, a sender from the English-speaking community published important content before. In March of this year, he asked in his mailbox how Nicholas could continue mining after the mainnet? Nicholas himself responded to him like this:

Translation: It depends on the implementation, we will. “Stellar” has a similar function called inflation that creates more coins, and transaction fees can also be used for mining. There are only 10,000 accounts in our test network. Now, only test transactions are performed.


The test network has accumulated 1799 test Pi in transaction fees. The current fee for each transaction has been set to 0.01 test-Pi. We need to adjust these The parameters are used for the main net.

Please pay attention to the reply, the fees generated by the transaction can also be used for mining! It says that only 10,000 accounts are undergoing testing because Nicholas responded to the sender on March 18th.

At that time, there was no large-scale wallet test, and only a small number of people were conducting the test. From Nicholas’ reply, we can know that it is very likely that the new Pi will be stopped after the mainnet, and the total amount of Pi will remain at a constant value, but mining can still continue.


The Pi that continues to be mined is traded from all Pi friends. Obtained from the fees incurred. The purpose is to continue to increase the number of people participating in the π network, so that subsequent participating friends can continue to get π, but it is certainly not as easy as we are now, and the π earned by mining by subsequent members will become more and more.


The less, so we must cherish the opportunity to dig before the mainnet! Because the number of mining friends participating in the mainnet depends on the amount of processing fees incurred by the number of transactions of all friends before the mainnet, as the number of people participates more and more, the subsequent people will get more and more Pi Less, Pi can continue to inject new vitality while the total amount remains the same! I have to say that Nicholas’s decision is really too advanced! It can not only guarantee the scarcity of π for sending friends before the main network, but also further use the reward mechanism to expand the scale of the network.


It will kill two birds with one stone, and it will be easier to push π to the world! The test transaction fees for more than 10,000 senders have accumulated close to 1,800. In the future, after all of our senders are on the main network, there will be tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of transactions, and the transaction fees will continue to be generated. Of the flow into the mining pool set up by the core team, and then continue to be distributed to our friends.

With the continuous circulation, the total amount of Pi promotes more consensus users while maintaining the same, so the value of Pi will surely rise steadily. Nicholas is too great! Special emphasis: This is Nicholas’ current idea. The specific content is still based on the core team’s future announcement. There may be other changes.

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But we emphasize here that this is not our personal idea, but based on Nicholas’ response to send friends. The content of and the result of the synthesis of the English community manager’s speech. If you want to know more information, you can also ask any questions to the core team’s mailbox!


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