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Best jokes of the year 2020 | Laugh Out Your Sorrow 2021

First Best Jokes Of The Year 2020.

Best jokes of the year 2020 | Laugh Out Your Sorrow 2021
In this jokes article I will be sharing you the below jokes of the year.
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Best jokes of the year

Laugh out your sorrow……….

Beaten By A Woman In An Elevator Joke

I was beaten by a woman in an elevator today. I was staring at her breast then she said “Would you
please press one”, I thought she was talking about her breast.

Virgin Joke

Me: Come and sit on the bed so you can be comfortable
Virgin : No, I’m okay here on top of the Wardrobe..
I cucuma leave her like that.

Guys Complaining Girls Are After Money

All the guys are complaining that all girls are after money, just wait until you meet the one that is after
your LIFE! *
Na then you go understand life.. girls are you with me??

Introduction To Friend’s Daughter

My mum just introduced me to her friend’s daughter, saying we could be friends…..*
*Someone that is already…my Ex….. Mtcheeeeeeew

Two Captain

If you are on my list and you are broke raise your hand up,don’t be shy, So I can block you…
Because two captains can’t be in d same ship.

They Think I Don’t Have Sense

Since I borrowed N500 from MTN last month they keep sending me message like “RECHARGE” with
N200 and dial *395*6*0# and win 5 houses in london.♞♞
They think i don’t have sense..

Nollywood Movies Witches

It is only in Nollywood movies witches will appear somewhere and the first thing they do is to laugh,
Please what’s funny?


Nollywood Movies Witches

Just Flashing In Nigeria

Nigerians be like please you get flashing credit? I just
wan tell this guy make e no forget the package wey we discuss and that thing way e talk that time I no
hear am well make e talk am again…. *
Shuuuu, for inside flashing?

Dangote Daughter Cheated

Simply because dangote’s daughter cheated on me you are asking me to break up with her don’t you
know love is about forgiveness.

Black People Habit

Black people will never believe that you’re sick until you refuse delicious food…

My Uncle



They said Dangote started his business with the $3000 his uncle gave him. My own problem is my
uncle. If I flash him, he will flash back. If I send him “pls call me” he will text me back “”pls call me
it’s urgent””

I Recognized It By It’s Smile

The moment I knew Nigeria was in trouble was when someone stole his neighbor’s goat and dyed it BLACK. Only for the neighbor to say, “It is my goat, I recognized it by its smile.

True Love

True love is when your girl smashes your new iPhone 11 pro on the wall because she saw a girl call you
baby in your chat on whatsapp And you just smile, hug her closely and whisper in her ear “What designer of wheel chair do you like?”

Oga Fashion Designer

Because your Mum Counted the Meat In the Soup, you are now using your Teeth To Slim Fit It.
Oga Fashion Designer… Well Done!!

Satan Calls

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In Nigeria once your phone rings in
church, everyone will be looking at you as if satan is the one calling you

Sharing Money

If satan start sharing money here now, you’ll see ladies calling him sweet names like: satanico,s
atboo, satbae e.t.c

Running After Food

That moment you are running around for food at a wedding and you mistakenly disconnect the speakers wire with your leg and All eyes on you. You go bellefull under 3sec…


At times u fart and it smells so bad that you even begin to ask yourself whether your body is truly the
temple of GOD.

Fuck Haters

Fuck Haters

Person no go hear word again… Everytime fuck haters, Bla Bla Bla who hate you???
You get house for banana Island?? NO!!!
Do you have 30billion in your account??? NO!!!
Do you have iphone??? No!!!
Your father get level for Nigeria??? NO!!!
Do you have Car or Private Jet??? NO!!!
Do you have company??? NO!!!
Have you ever been out of the country am
not…..talking about Ghana or Togo, Zambia or
South Africa??? NO!!!
So wetin cum dey your body???
Please just post your pictures jeje and stop..
writing “fuck haters or haters keep hating”….
My dear, nobody hate you… you’ re just an ordinary Nigerian citizen with Android phone…

SS3 Student Letter

I felt sick after reading this letter written by a SS3 student.
Letter to the headteacher

SS3 Student Letter

Dear sir|madam
I am wrote this letter to told you that I am left your school for good enough. The why of lefting your
school is because teachers at your school beat us very harmful.
Sometimes of upon a time I wanted to cried but my friends tell me a man is not to cried I was silent
but vibrating inside.
Yours faithfool

Fact of Life

Even those people that makes us laugh sometimes

struggle to feel happy too
Am a living Witness.

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