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Cala Robot Review | In this page, you are going to know if Sabrinascala robot is legit or scam, how the cala trading robot work and how to use the cala robot and also if you can really make money on cala robot.

What is Cala Robot About?

CALA is an intelligent robot that can automatically search for major virtual currency exchange platforms. If the same virtual currency trades at different prices, it will automatically buy low and sell high, so as to help investors realize profit.

CALA was established in the United States in 2019 and has matured in the European market. It conducted research on the Nigerian market last year and is now officially entering the Nigerian market.

CALA is very optimistic about the potential and development space of the Nigerian market, and will soon office in Nigeria. CALA is a technology company specializing in research and development of AI technology with its base in Armonk, New York, USA, etc.

Thanks to the development of in Blockchain and Defi technology, CALA helps its investors to access various investment method that generate stable and long-term profit.

CALA – Robot helps you operate financial investment and the plans smartly and bring stable profit. CALA is provided for investors to carry out transactions easily and quickly, suitable for customers with little or no investment experience.

CALA expands the market reach and may execute multiple Crypto (cryptocurrency) selection strategies simultaneously to trade at the most profitable high frequency.
Investors do not need to manipulate, may monthly achieve an estimated profit of about 20-40%. Due to the ever-changing market, the platform does not dare to commit to a certain profit, it is all market-based.
CALA relies on the big data of the market to enter orders at low prices and sell at high prices with extremely fast processing speed.

WHAT IS AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision.

How Does AI Work?

As the hype around AI has accelerated, vendors have been scrambling to promote how their products and services use AI. Often what they refer to as AI is simply one component of AI, such as machine learning. AI requires a foundation of specialized hardware and software for writing and training machine learning algorithms. No one programming language is synonymous with AI, but a few, including Python, R and Java, are popular.

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Q: Working principles of Artificial Intelligence(AI)Quantitative Trading Robots

The method of purchasing one product at a low price and selling it to somewhere at a higer price is becoming more and more challenging. A long with current congestion status of Bitcoin trading networks as well as high transfer fees, market’s low effeciency rate will skyrocketly abitrage the profit margins.
For example, the BTC/USDT transaction at Binance and Gate remains price differences. In case you buy BTC at Gate, then send it to Binance and sell it immediately, you can get more USDT thanks to arbitrage, then you send USDT from Binance to Gate and buy BTC. This cycle continues repeatedly, earning profits from price differences.

Q: What is Intelligent Financial Management?

Intelligent Financial Management represents the investment of financial management, replacement or supplementary of simple traditional financial programs or planners via machines integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI). It serves as an extension of quantitative trading investment technology, it is a global, innovative, emerging and sustainable management method with vast investment foresight, it uses long-term fixed input to dilute cost of carry to achieve profit target
This emerging financial management method has been proved to bring more financial planning prospects as well as abundant profits to financial managers.

Q: Advantages of Intelligent Robots

  • Intelligent Robot overcome human weaknesses, no greed and fear, strong discipline, strict implementation of investment strategies, and freedom from changes in investor sentiment.
  • The systematic nature of the model: multi-level quantitative models, multi-angle observations and massive data processing, combined with big data processing technology to capture more investment opportunities.
  • Timely, fast and accurate: Track market changes in a timely and fast manner, constantly discover new statistical models that can provide excess returns, look for new trading opportunities, additionally, ensure the order is accurate, which is incomparable to subjective transactions.

Cala Review – Is Cala Robot Legit or Scam

According to my finding and research, I can tell you that cala robot arbitrage investment is safe and legit. One of the thing I like about cala is that when you register and join cala investment, they will offer you free robot to use for few days and if you like how the robot work for you, you can now buy the robot.


The main function of the EFCC is to investigate various types of economic and financial crimes and to enforce laws against economic and financial crimes.


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The EFCC is also Nigeria’s designated financial intelligence agency, coordinating agency to combat money laundering and enforce laws involving economic and financial crime in Nigeria.

How Does Cala Robot Work?

You don’t need to know a jack about crypto to make a fortune with Cala trust me. All that is required is to select a bot within your budget and a trading capital, then the bot trades and bring return for you every month. Cala robot is artificial intelligence (AI) and a quantitative trading robots. The robot is an intelligent in financial management. 

You don’t have to be scared if you will loose money or when the robot is trading for you. The robot will automatically buy low and help you to sell high and put your profit and your real capital into your wallet.


Technology Platform Of Cala AI

4 Steps to Join CALA

To activate your account You need to
complete the following 4 steps

As soon as you register for your Cala account, the first step is to activate your cala free robot to start trading for you. 

Then, if you like the service the free robot render to you, then you can now rent the premium robot to start trading for you. 

The free robot only last for few days. 


After, that just Deposit money into your Cala account and check how the robot will perform for you. 

NOTE: the higher your deposit, the higher your profit percentage. 

Cala Robot Price and trading Profit

As I said earlier, the Cala Platform will give you free Cala robot to trade for you for 7 days, just to use it to test how the robot perform. Don’t miss the 7 days free robot. 

But in case, you want to use the Cala paid version to earn more money, here below are their price and how much each robot can provide for you. 

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Cala Robot 1

– 32 USD (required) 

– $2 for 30 days rent

– Start-up Capital: $30

– Daily Profit: 0.5 USD

– 30 days profit of about $15 

– End of work Cala Account balance: Approx. USD 45

Cala Robot 2

105 USD (required) 


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$5 for 30 days rent

– Start-up Capital: $100

– Daily Profit: 1.7 USD

– 30 days profit of about $51 

– End of work Cala Account balance: Approx. USD 151

Cala Robot 3

525 USD (required) 

$25 for 30 days rent

– Start-up Capital: $500

– Daily Profit: 8.5 USD

– 30 days profit of about $255 


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– End of work Cala Account balance: Approx. USD 755

Cala Robot 4

2100 USD (required) 

$100 for 30 days rent

– Start-up Capital: $2000

– Daily Profit: 33 USD

– 30 days profit of about $990 

– End of work Cala Account balance: Approx. USD 2990

Cala Robot 5

10,500 USD (required) 

$500 for 30 days rent

– Start-up Capital: $10000

– 30 days profit of about $5100

– End of work Cala Account balance: Approx. USD 15,100

Just recharge, rent a bot and let the robot start trading for you. 

NOTE: you can rent more than one robot i.e, if you like you can rent up to 5 robot. 

How to Recharge Cala Robot

1. To recharge your Cala robot, just click on “Recharge” and select the crypto you want to recharge with.

2. Copy the wallet address you see on your Cala account and transfer the money into it. 

That’s all! Your Cala robot will start trading for you immediately. 

Cala Robot Withdrawal

The withdrawing process on the Cala platform take not less than 2-5 minutes to get to you. 

Just click on “withdraw” and enter the amount you want to withdraw and the address you’re withdrawing to and click on “Withdraw“. 

That’s all

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