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Germany set to reopen shops and schools in May

Germany set to reopen shops and schools in May


According to the latest report, Germany is set to open schools and shops in May.
This was made known in a draft agreement seen by AFP Wednesday.

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Even after initial steps to open up were introduced from April 20, the number of new infections remained low,” the document read, with “no new wave of infection” so far detected — justifying the series of bolder reopening steps.

“Step-by-step, schools should make possible education of all pupils while implementing appropriate hygiene measures and upholding distancing rules,” the document read.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and premiers from Germany’s 16 federal states are expected to sign off on the document later today.

Though the ban on large gatherings like sports matches, cultural events or festivals will remain until “at least August 31”, there is every chance the Bundesliga would resume on May 15, as matches will be held behind closed doors.

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