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Fire! Pi one-stop ecological solution exposed! This is part of what Pi will look like in the future!

Fire! Pi one-stop ecological solution exposed! This is part of what Pi will look like in the future!


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Do you want to order a dish for grocery shopping, or do you want to build a digital kingdom driven by pie together?

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Pi-Network AIOS (one-stop service)

Introduction: Pi-Network AIOS (All-in-One Service) This platform can be used to bring Pi to all over the world.

The platform consists of 7 or more parts

1. Develop a global online pie bank: it helps to convert Pantang to pie. You can also change the pie to the winding, and provide the pie to the world

2. Online barter: By using this technology, we can create an application part, which is a Pi exchange. It helps Pie to develop its network around people, and people like to use it as the main bartering system. It can be used to pay employees, as a reward for content creators or developers or game players, and it can also be used to buy products of desire on the entire Internet. It helps to provide pie to everyone and get incentives

3. Shopping center: This part can be used to use any type of kitchen supplies, cars, clothing, agricultural supplies, any fancy items, etc.

4. Online booking: use Pai Barter for any train tickets, air tickets, and hotels

5. Entertainment: live channels, video uploads, Reals uploads, daily updates, adding posts, movies,

And get pie incentives

6. Transaction: This part is used for the exchange between pie and coil

7. Pie browser: develop a search engine similar to Google

8. To send a taxi: it is to use the full travel use pie

9. Pi game: prediction game, waiting for all kinds of games,

In order to push Pi forward and gain great value tomorrow, I made a suggestion to create an application where people can use only Pi Barter goods at the price we agreed on. In addition, for products to be sold, Pie must cooperate with companies that sell various products (such as electronic products, clothing and other related products).

Interpretation: Good guy, the sender who proposed this plan and may be the chief strategy officer of a large company, this ecological application wants to do everything in it! ! The ambition is really not small, but this plan is on the point, and it is what the school is currently doing. Ecological applications must be all-encompassing, including ecological applications from all walks of life. One-stop service can be achieved.

It can be said that the current senders are struggling to achieve their goals, but have they thought about how to achieve them? It’s impossible to rely on the cows flying in the sky. It can only rely on ecological applications. This is why Nicholas must build ecological applications. Everyone thinks that Nicholas doesn’t know how to brag, but he just doesn’t want to. Tax

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In 1983, Jobs said this to John Sculley, then president of Pepsi-Cola Company:

“Do you want to sell sugar water for a lifetime, or do you want to change the world with me?”

For friends of Pai: Do you want to order something to buy food, or do you want to build a digital kingdom driven by Pai and become one of the managers of this digital kingdom?

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The former: Nicholas can do it for you every minute, but the latter takes time. Fortunately, what Nicholas has to do is the latter. It has been more than 2 years, and there will be 5 and a half months for the digital kingdom driven by pie to become Reality!


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