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What is About? is a new Naira/USDT investment platform that pay’s 3% to 4% daily based on the package (investment) you purchased.

Daily Profit: 3% – 4% 

Minimum Investment: $3/N4500

Network is USDT (TRC20) OR NAIRA

Withdrawal Fee: 20%

Withdrawal time: 8:00 – 17:00 Monday – Friday 

Weekly Salary Available 

Referral Commission Available


                STATUS: still paying 

Ways to Make Money on

You can make money investing in Dogecoin in the following ways
Growth in value: By purchasing Dogecoin, investors expect its value to grow in the future. If the market price of Dogecoin increases, holders can make a profit when selling.
Trading: By buying and selling Dogecoin on the platform, investors can trade on price fluctuations and eam profits on the difference.
Long-term holding: Some investors choose to hold Dogecoin for the long term, expecting its value to rise significantly in the future. This requires a relatively long investment perspective and confidence in the market.
Participating projects: Some people choose to invest in Dogecoin projects, such as the team activities started by Dogedao. Have more efficient income, create your own team, and get a reward mechanism. Investment Plan

  • 8 DOGE

Duration: 90 days

Daily Income: D 0.2/N110

Purchase Price: $3/N4500


  • 18 DOGE

Duration:  365 days

Daily Income: 0.6/N330.08

Purchase Price: $7/10,500


  • 80 DOGE

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Duration: 365 days 

Daily Income: D 2.66/N1,463

Purchase Price: $29/N43,500 Registration – How to Create Account

To create a Dogedao account is very easy to do, all you need to do is to just sign up. Sign Up

1. GOTO the “Dogedao Registration page” or Click HERE

2. Enter your phone number 

3. Set your password and then confirm it

4. Make sure you see this invitation code: 17759466

5. Now click on I have read and agree, then click “Register”. 

That’s all! you’ve successfully Create your Dogedao account. Now, the next step is to login into your account, recharge your account, then start making your money. 

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Follow the steps below to login to your Dogedao account

1. Enter your Dogedao registered phone number

2. Enter your password

3. Click on “Login”. 

Do you forget your Dogedao password– click on forgot password and then follow the instructions given to you on the page to create new password. Deposit

To deposit money into your Dogedao wallet, just follow the steps below; 

1. Click on Recharge on your dashboard

2. Select the method of deposit

3. Enter the amount you want to deposit

4. Then, pay the money in to the account number you see. 

5. Then, click on “I have made the payment“. 

That’s all, in few minutes when it shows successful, it will redirect you back to your account to show you that the money as reflected on your account. Now, the next step is to invest by renting the mining machine you want to invest in. 

Dogedao.VIP Investment – How to Invest in Dogedao

To rent miner for your investment on dogedao, just follow the instructions below

1. Click on “Home” and then look through the investment plan you see there 

2. Click on anyone you want to invest on

3. Then confirm your investment 

That’s all. Immediately, your investment will start and you will start earning your profit everyday. Withdrawal

Withdrawal on Dogedao is subject to meeting the minimum withdrawal amount. The minimum withdrawal amount is 2,000 naira. 

To withdraw your money from the Dogedao platform, just follow the steps below

1. Firstly, bind your bank account 

After you’ve bind your bank account with the platform

2. Now, click on Withdraw

3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw

4. Confirm your withdrawal

That’s all




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