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Cattle Family Investment | On This Page You’re Going To know How To Make Money Online On The Cattlefamily Platform (, I Will Teach You How To Register, Login, Deposit And How To Start Making Money From The Platform/App. QUICK LINK to Register


What is About

Cattlefamily is a new cattle investment platform in Nigeria. Cattlefamily is a Ponzi scheme investment platform where you can make a fortune overnight or in a short period of time. 


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How long does it take to receive your withdrawal on

It takes about 1hr to 24hrs to receive your alert directly into your bank when you placed a withdrawal on Cattle Family. Investment Plan

The investment plan on cattlefamily is varies and you can start with as low as N2000 to maximum of N498000 with a duration period of minimum 3 days to maximum 365 days investment and you can withdraw at any time you have up to minimum of N2000. 

Investment project

30 Days duration period

CF19 Stokrose Angus

50000 Unit Price (NGN)

1125 Daily Profit (NGN)

33750 Total Profit (NGN)


365 Days duration period

CF18 Afrikaner Breed

498000 Unit Price (NGN)

13396.2 Daily Profit (NGN)

4,889,613 Total Profit (NGN)

6 Invite Benefits.


40000Unit Price(NGN)

1000Daily Profit(NGN)

30000Total Profit(NGN)

15 Days duration period

CF5-1 Blue Grey

34000 Unit Price (NGN)

1013.2 Daily Profit (NGN)

15,198 Total Profit (NGN)

15 Days duration period

CF7-1 Red Poll

72000 Unit Price (NGN)

2145.6 Daily Profit (NGN)

32,184 Total Profit (NGN)

CF9-1 Irish Moiled


180,000 Unit Price (NGN)

5,364 Daily Profit(NGN)

80,460 Total Profit (NGN)

3 Days duration period

CF1 Highland

2000 Unit Price (NGN)

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200 Daily Profit (NGN)

600 Total Profit (NGN)

30 Days duration period

CF2 Aberdeen Angus

3000 Unit Price (NGN)

90 Daily Profit (NGN)

2700 Total Profit(NGN)

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15 Days

CF3 White Park

6000 Unit Price (NGN)

178.8 Daily Profit (NGN)

2682 Total Profit (NGN)

180 Days

CF4 Whitebred Shorthorn

16,000 Unit Price (NGN)

352 Daily Profit (NGN)

63,360 Total Profit (NGN)

180 Days

CF6 Galloway

34,000Unit Price (NGN)

782 Daily Profit (NGN)

140,760 Total Profit (NGN

365 Days

CF8 South Devon

72,000 Unit Price (NGN)

1,728 Daily Profit (NGN)

630,720 Total Profit (NGN)

365 Days

CF10 Hereford

180,000 Unit Price(NGN)

4,752Daily Profit(NGN)

1,734,480 Total Profit (NGN) Registration – How to create Account

To create a Cattlefamily account is very easy to do, all you need to do is to just sign up. 

Cattlefamily Registration – Cattlefamily Sign Up

1. GOTO the Cattlefamily Registration page or Click HERE

2. Enter your phone number 

3. Set your password and then confirm it

4. Make sure you see this invitation code: NNNILQ

5. Now click on I have read and agree, then click “Register”. 

That’s all! you’ve successfully Create your Cattlefamily account. Now, the next step is to login into your account, recharge your account, then start making your money. 


Cattlefamily Login – How to login to Cattlefamily

Follow the steps below to login to your Cattlefamily account

1. Enter your Cattlefamily registered phone number

2. Enter your password

3. Click on “Login”. 

Do you forget your Cattlefamily password– click on forgot password and then follow the instructions given to you on the page to create new password. 

How to Deposit to Cattlefamily .vip– Cattlefamily Recharge

To deposit money into your Cattlefamily wallet, just follow the steps below; 

1. Click on Recharge on your dashboard

2. Select the method of deposit

3. Enter the amount you want to deposit

4. Then, pay the money in to the account number you see. 

5. Then, click on “I have made the payment“. 

That’s all, in few minutes when it shows successful, it will redirect you back to your account to show you that the money as reflected on your account. Now, the next step is to invest by renting the mining machine you want to invest in. 


Cattlefamily.VIP Investment – How to Invest in Cattlefamily

To rent miner for your investment on cattlefamily, just follow the instructions below

1. Click on “Home” and then look through the investment plan you see there 

2. Click on anyone you want to invest on

3. Then confirm your investment 

That’s all. Immediately, your investment will start and you will start earning your profit everyday. 

Cattlefamily Withdrawal

Withdrawal on Cattlefamily is subject to meeting the minimum withdrawal amount. The minimum withdrawal amount is 2,000 naira. 

To withdraw your money from the Cattlefamily platform, just follow the steps below

1. Firstly, bind your bank account 

After you’ve bind your bank account with the platform

2. Now, click on Withdraw

3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw

4. Confirm your withdrawal

That’s all

Is Cattlefamily Legit?

To know if Cattlefamily is very legit, just check Here

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