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Celia Mining Account | On This Page, You’re Going to Know How to Create Celia Exchange (Celia Mining) Account, Login And How to Mine Celia Token for Free on Your Phone. Celia Mining Referral code: PFZR4DCLT


What is Celia?

The Celia Token (Abbreviated As CELIA) Is A Utility Token That Will Be Used To Power The Celia Exchange And Facilitate Transactions On The Platform. It Will Also Grant Holders Access To Exclusive Features And Discounts. CELIA Serves As The Foundation Of The Celia Platform.

CELIA will operate on the Binance blockchain. In the future the Celia Smart Chain will be introduced to enable others build amazing project on out blockchain.

Celia Token Burning

Celia will spend a portion of its revenue each quarter to buy back and burn Celia Tokens,effectively eliminating them. Until we are able to lower the total supply of tokens from 200million to 100 million. The procedure reduces the quantity of Celia tokens and alters their rarity, which may impact the asset’s value.

Celia Token Total Supply

The Total Supply of the Celia Token is 200 Million.

Celia Mining Registration – Celia Exchange Sign Up

Just follow this simple step to sign up celia Mining (Celia Exchange) Account.

Celia Mining Sign Up – Celia Exchange Registration

1. Goto Play Store or Apple store and Download “Celia Exchange App” . 

2. Open the app and click on “Sign Up“. 

3. Input your email address and password. 

4. Enter referral code: PFZR4DCLT

5. Then, click on Sign Up or Create Account.

That’s all

How to Mine Celia Token

To mine Celia Token, just follow the steps in the video below

Celia Referral code: PFZR4DCLT

Celia Mining Login – Celia Exchange Login

To login to your Celia Exchange Account, just follow the steps below

1. Open your Celia App and click on “Sign In”. 

2. Enter your email address and password

3. Then click on Sign In or Login.

In case you have forget your password, just click on forget password to reset a new password. 

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Celia Mainnet Date

The Celia Mainnet will be live between the date of Public sale and Celia Exchange launch. Refer to roadmap to see exact dates.

Celia Token Withdrawal

Kindly note that Celia Token will only become tradable after the Celia Exchange Launch.

Celia Token Distribution

Celia Mining will stop once the allocated number of CELIA for mining has been completely mined (distributed). Estimated end date is 2024/07/30 ain accordance with our Road Map.

When Can I Buy Celia Token

The initial coin offering (ICO) is a key part of our roadmap. During this phase, users will have the opportunity to participate in the first public sale of 15 million CELIA tokens, which will be conducted using Binance Coin (BNB).

Celia Exchange KYC

KYC will be the first step to onboarding on the Celia Exchange after official launch. Kindly note that all mined tokens will be migrated to mainnet once you verify your KYC on the Celia Exchange.

Celia Token Price Prediction

My prediction of the Celia Token Price is that, celia coin will be listed around $0.3 – $0.45 on crypto exchange. 

Celia Mining Referral Code

The Celia Mining Referral code is  PFZR4DCLT

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