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Whites are killing Black-Americans Because They Refused To Remain Slaves – Ex-Police Officer (video)

Whites are killing Black-Americans Because They Refused To Remain Slaves – Ex-Police Officer (video)


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In a video shared online, Dan Stevenson, Unconfirmed AN EX-POLICE OFFICER with over 23-years of service in Chicago has explains WHY “They Keep K¡ling Black People In The United States of America.

Following the Tragic the death of George Floyd, who died in the hands of a White police officer that knelt on his neck for about seven minutes, Dan Stevenson explains why the whites hates black.

Dan used Pharaoh and children of Israel as example, stating that Whites brought in the Blacks into America as slaves and still expected them to be slaves but the black race fought back and became independent, grew in numbers and became even powerful.


He said: “We brought blacks into this country as slaves we never intended them to be anything other than slaves but they began to grow in number and in power and eventually they fought their way to some freedom so we became even more cruel to keep the Black-Americans down but they rose.

“Then we used the welfare system, the criminal Justice system to keep them down, to contend them, to destroy them but yet they rose and they are rising.

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Then we built prisons and Jails to hold them, yet they rose, so now we are doing what pharaoh did at the end; sending out a decree “kill them!”.

He added that until the whites admit that all men are created equal and treat them as one, America may end up facing exactly what the Egyptians faced in the Bible when they refused to let God’s People go.

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He slammed fellow whites for not valuing the blacks, adding that they must let the black go.

He said that Americans are afraid that the blacks will retaliate for what they did to them in the past and that is why they keep doing everything possible to keep them low and to never allow them rise to the Top.

In-conclusion, he urged Americans to repent and treat the black Americans equal.


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