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How to Get Unlimited Browsing Using Your Freedom VPN 2021, 2022

How to Get Unlimited Browsing Using Your Freedom VPN • Your Freedom VPN free Browsing

NOTE this information you are about to read is all about 
“Your Freedom VPN” to get Free Browsing


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Here’s another VPN cheat to enjoy unlimited access to internet for free browsing Using Your Freedom VPN. 

If you have been following Aschoolz Cheat, you will know that all the cheat we have publishing on this site is 100% legit. We do our confirmation with some internet guru before we carry out to the web. 

Yesterday, we published a cheat on how to enjoy free internet using SLOW DNS VPN but today, I am going to teach you how to get Unlimited free browsing using “Your Freedom VPN”. 

Unlimited Browsing Using Your Freedom VPN

Unlimited Browsing Using "Your-Freedom VPN"


Your freedom is one of the most popular VPN that allows free Internet tricks. Over years this app have been a great help when it comes to free browsing cheat. Your freedom is one of the best app for free browsing. This app has various protocols such as Https, DNS, UDP, ICMP, ICMP ECHO, HTTP/POST/CGI etc. It has two options the paid server (unlimited) and the free server ( limited and slow speed).




How to Setup or configure Your-Freedom for free browsing

    • Now launch the app and hit on configure and you will see the different option but hit on the general icon which is located at the top
    •  Once you hit on the general button, you should notice  3 push button, you have to enable those expert modes and go back to the main menu to finish your setup.

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  • Hit on account details and then type in all your details when you create an account with them
  • Now be careful with this section, click on the connection icon
  • Your-Freedom VPN has tons of server but some have weak connection while others are in a good mode
  • Just try a different server because some server do drop while browsing. Try to pick a stable server and also add a secondary ISP server name when you are through with server picking. It should look like this; ems05.your-freedom.de;your ISP server name.
  • Set your Tweak as None
  • Set your connection mode as DNS
  • Your connection Port as 53
  • Don’t tamper with any configuration in your DNS settings i.e leave it as default
  • Don’t modify anything In connection options
  • Use default protocol configuration
  • On DNS TX adaption factor input 1.1
  • On DNS domain, use default settings. You can change it only if you know it will work better with your ISP.
  • Finally, If this is your first time of using Your-Freedom VPN. I recommend the above setting for you.

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You can now click the connection button, once it get connected. Then you can enjoy free Internet. 

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Now you can enjoy free browsing on your Sim card. Remember to share this article with family and friends. 


Congratulation for knowing about SLOW DNS For Free Data Cheat | SLOW DNS Free Browsing Cheat • How to Use Slow DNS VPN to Browse Free


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