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Tesla-Recharger.com Review (Is Tesla-Recharger.com Legit or Scam)

Tesla-Recharger.com Review, Is Tesla-Recharger.com Legit or Scam  


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Tesla-Recharger ReviewOn this page, you’re going to know if you should invest on the tesla-recharger-com platform or not, you’re going to know if tesla-recharger-com is a legit platform or scam. 

Tesla-Recharger.com Review (Is Tesla-Recharger.com Legit or Scam)



Tesla-Recharger.com is an online investment platform that gives chance to investors to register and become a member of the platform and to make money on the platform by investing. 

Normally, tesla (Tesla) is an electric vehicle and energy company in the United States, headquartered in Palo Alto (Palo Alto), with a market value of 210 billion US dollars, production and sales of electric vehicles, solar panels, and energy storage equipment.

This platform called Tesla-recharger claim to allows everybody who wish to make money online by simply invest in their products and earn a daily returns from whatever they invest on the platform. Now, the question is, is this platform called tesla-recharger.com legit and is it affiliate with the Tesla company?, Let find out now. 

Tesla-Recharger.com Review – Is Tesla-Recharger.com Legit or Scam

When it comes to online investment, it very risk and at the same time it very profitable because it’s a fast ways to make money. For now, I cannot tell you that tesla-recharger-com is legit neither a scam but what I can tell you is that this platform is not in anyway affiliate with the real Tesla company.

When was tesla-recharger.com launched?

According to my finding, this platform tesla-recharger.com has been in existence since early of August 2022 and many people have earn back the amount of money their Investment on the platform. 

So, is this platform still paying or not? – for now, this platform tesla-recharger-com is still paying but what I can tell you is that you should not invest in over big money on the platform. I have seen many people making about ₦220000 daily on this platform. 

But if you want to invest, just be wise with whatever amount you want to invest in, don’t Invest in money that will make you regret on the platform when it crash. 

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How to Join Tesla-Recharger.com 

1. GOTO the Tesla-Recharge Registration page or CLICK HERE

2. Enter your phone number. 

4. Set your password and then reconfirm your password again. 

5. Enter Referral ID: 104225

6. Write out the captcha you see on your side. 

7. Click on “Sign Up“. 

That’s all! You’ve successfully registered and create your Tesla-recharge.com account and you will be given ₦500 bonus and ₦1500 investment machine for free immediately, which will be earning ₦15 for you daily. But you can buy higher investment plan. 

Now, the next step is to login to your tesla-recharge account, select the Investment plan you want to start earning from and deposit the money. – RECOMMENDED: Full Guide to register, deposit, Invest and withdraw on Tesla-Recharger.com


who are we?

Tesla (Tesla) is an electric vehicle and energy company in the United States, headquartered in Palo Alto (Palo Alto), with a market value of 210 billion US dollars, production and sales of electric vehicles, solar panels, and energy storage equipment. Co-founded by Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning on July 1, 2003, the founders named the company “Tesla Motors” in honor of physicist Nikola Tesla. Tesla strives to provide every ordinary consumer with pure electric vehicles within their spending power; Tesla’s vision is to “accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy.”

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Tesla-Recharger.com Review (Is Tesla-Recharger.com Legit or Scam)

On April 30, 2015, the company announced the application of its technology to the home energy storage system Supercharger. The device will allow customers to store electricity for solar self-use, time-of-use load transfer and backup power. In the same year, 500 pilot units were built and installed, each at Tesla’s Fremont factory.

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Tesla-Recharger.com Review (Is Tesla-Recharger.com Legit or Scam)

Supercharger 2 was revealed in a background street scene on Colonial Street at Universal Studios Los Angeles in October 2016. With a capacity of 13.5 kWh, the Supercharger 2 is capable of delivering 5 kW of power continuously and up to 7 kW of peak power for short periods of time (up to 10 seconds).

What is a Tesla Supercharger?

1. How it works

The Tesla charging pile is a large “charging treasure” that stores and discharges electricity in various ways, and the excess energy is stored in the energy wall. At night, when there is no sun, the strong energy starts to power the home or your Tesla, and it is not connected to the national grid until the power is exhausted. Use the Supercharger on its own or in combination with other Tesla products to save money, reduce carbon emissions and allow you to cope with power outages.

Tesla has an extensive fast-charging network with more than 30,000 Superchargers worldwide. The super charging network layout in mainland China adopts the principle of laying out urban stations and long-distance stations at the same time. The stations are located in popular shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, science and technology parks, parks, popular scenic spots, high-speed service areas, and expressway entrances and exits. Facilities, plug and charge, make the journey convenient and worry-free.

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2. What are currently in use?

The Tesla V3 charging station in Lhasa is connected to the Supercharger, which can generate 200 degrees of self-generated electricity every day, and store the excess power in the Supercharger.

What is our advantage?

1. Tesla charging piles have efficient energy storage and discharge methods, which are convenient and fast. Through the current mature thermodynamic technology, on the premise of ensuring energy conversion, it can also reduce the pollution caused by other energy sources to the environment. Not only can it alleviate the energy crisis, it can not only reduce the cost of electricity consumption, but also a new product of the era of sustainable development.

2. The investment and operation of Tesla charging piles is transparent. Relying on Tesla’s existing cash technology, major companies and investors are investing and operating on dedicated web pages, and the implementation of each step is very simple. We use high-power computers to consider the market, so that industrial risks will not be affected. to profit.

3. Emerging products, favorable policies and guaranteed investment. Tesla charging piles are very mature contemporary technology, improved by Tesla’s engineering team, not only suitable for large factories, but also suitable for small families. Coupled with the support of the international community and the government’s policy help, investing in the Tesla Supercharger project is the latest and most stable way to generate income for the rise of emerging projects.

Tesla-Recharger.com Review (Is Tesla-Recharger.com Legit or Scam)

How does your investment project make money for you?

In related documents such as the Tesla Supercharger agreement, it is clear that the Tesla Supercharger project is a project that benefits democracy at large. Our company will demarcate the output value area from the installed Supercharger, which will be purchased by the investors, and will generate a fixed remuneration based on the amount of electricity generated.

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Any investor can plan his own income plan by choosing a free subscription or adding more panels. We will also assist investors to develop exclusive investment plans.

Tesla-Recharger.com Review (Is Tesla-Recharger.com Legit or Scam)

Stable operating equipment with considerable projected benefits

The Tesla Supercharger project generates revenue 7*24*365 throughout the year. Under the huge computer cluster, the income results are mobilized from time to time according to big data and cloud computing, and the visual data is generated and distributed directly to the investors. Tesla Supercharger continue to output power, stably invests and continues to generate income, continuously manages the income of investors, and enjoys free high-quality services throughout the project period to ensure every investment.

The unique design of mobile terminal equipment allows investors to view investment projects at home without leaving home. The continuous income generated by Tesla Supercharger around the world is distributed to investors’ mobile phones at any time.

Tesla-Recharger.com Review (Is Tesla-Recharger.com Legit or Scam)

Business Philosophy & Social Feedback

Our project team members have been engaged in the expansion and development of Supercharger-related industries for more than ten years. Due to the huge investment in Supercharger-related products and high labor costs, the company has separated a part of the production capacity of this project and products to give back to the society. At the same time, it also withdraws the investment funds, which not only helps the company to tide over the difficulties, but also allows social investors to profit from it.

Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the society’s demand for energy has increased sharply, which has also greatly increased the demand for Supercharger-related resource industries. Investors who entered the company in the early days have successfully recovered their capital and continue to attract more investors to enter, which has made the stock price of Tesla’s solar project continue to rise, and more funds to develop new products, and at the same time bring additional income to subsequent investors.

Tesla-Recharger.com Review (Is Tesla-Recharger.com Legit or Scam)

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Relevant Certificates & Honors

We firmly believe that high-quality products and considerate services can create greater value. Under the premise of protecting the interests of investors and enterprises, we will make greater contributions to the society.

Honorary Award

-Tesla ranks first in Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s list of the world’s most valuable component brands for financing (2020)


– Tesla named first echelon supplier of photovoltaic modules by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (2017-2020)


– Tesla ranks among the first echelon Triathlon” of GuangTeng Consulting “Global Photovoltaic Enterprise” (2017)


– Tesla is ranked first by customers in IHS’s assessment of component quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness(2016)

– Tesla won the “Best Component Manufacturer Award” at the 2nd Annual Technological Innovation Awards in Brazil(2016)


– Tesla was selected by Greentech Media Research as a developer

of the world’s first crystalline silicon solar power plant (2017)

-Tesla receives Best Structured Financing Award from Environmental Finance (2018) – Tesla wins two transaction awards from POWER FINANCE & RISK (2018)

-Tesla Thunder Bay Airport Solar Power Plant Executive EPC selected as Intersolar’s Best Solar Power Generation List (2012).

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In conclusion, 

Tesla-recharger.com review – Tesla-recharger.com is not in anyway affiliate with Tesla company that we all know but tesla-recharger-com investment is still paying currently. 

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