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Tafabot Smart Invest Bot (How to make money from Tafabot Smart Investment Bot)

Tafabot Smart Invest Bot, How to make money from Tafabot Smart Investment Bot, how to join tafabot 


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Tafabot Smart Investment | On This Page You’re Going to Know how to make $100 and more In 10 Days From the Tafabot Smart Invest Bot. QUICK LINK to Register 

Tafabot Smart Invest Bot (How to make money from Tafabot Smart Investment Bot)


What is Tafabot? 

Tafabot is a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) crypto trading software*

Tafabot is fully decentralized, which means, it is transparent, secure, and resistant to external influences.

Tafabot is open and available to everyone. The process of getting a bot licence and starting to make daily profit…

Tafabot is 100% risk-free. Transactions are processed in a blockchain and cannot be changed or stopped even by the creators. 

Your income goes directly to your wallet with no hidden fees or use of third-party resources. This means that every reward you earn belongs entirely to you and can be cashed out immediately.

Tafabot allows you to grow your money while your money is in your hands. The best part is that you must not refer others to earn. Tafabot will make you a profit every month without a loss while your money is 100% in your control.

Tafabot is suitable for any market condition, whether bearish, bullish, or sideways. No matter the market condition, Tafabot makes a profit for you.

How Tafabot Smart Invest Bot Work 

Smart in invest Bot is AI programmed to read trading algorithms and helps users invest in a smarter way. Its strategy allows you to automate crypto investment and make profit when the coin price rises. It is a Dollar Cost Average (DCA) investment strategy that lets you choose the cryptocurrencies you want to buy on a daily basis. You can create a smart invest Bot to buy multiple cryptocurrencies in a portfolio or you can create a bot for a single cryptocurrency. 

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Benefits of tafabot Smart Invest Bot 

The users can just set up and go (Hands free) and there is no stop loss, bearish market to be scared of. And no form of crypto knowledge needed because of the all knowing intelligent Bot that is equipped with the core principles of trading. Smart invest Bot offers the simplest way for a safer trading. The user’s investment capital is allocated easily because the smart invest Bot are so smart that each time the market Falls, the bot use a portion of the capital to buy and hold any coin the user want to trade the user also can set the take profit ratio and set the duration from 7 to 365 Days or how long do you want to run the bot.

The users don’t have to wait for the price of a coin to rise because the Bot will move its entry along with the price of the coin as it rises or Falls so they will have a good entry point for long-term HODL. 

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Tafabot Smart Invest User Interface and Settings 

1. The available crypto exchanges that smart invest Bot can currently use are Binance, Kucoin, Bittrex and Huobi.

2. For the Assets, it’s support more than 200 coins, for example, DOGE, SHIB, TRX, XRP, ADA, BTC, ETH, BNB Etc.

3. For the Investment capital it’s unlimited. $100 or $1Million depending on your liquidity and choice. 

4. The Investment period is the duration of the trades you want to make, for example from 7 to 365 days.

5. The profit targets is the desired profit you want to sell. In this section you need to estimate your profit target realistically, E.G 5% for a short term plan (E.g 7 Days) And Around 15% For A Longer Term Plan (E.g 35 Day’s).

How to Join Tafabot Smart Invest Bot 

Before you can join tafabot, you will need to purchase the tafabot licence, which is $100 officially but currently, the price is $80 if you register with the link below and you will have access to tafabot for a good 1 year because of the licence you purchased.

Tafabot Registration 

1. Goto the “Tafabot registration” page or CLICK HERE

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2. Now, fill in your details to register.

3. After you’ve successfully register, the next step is to deposit $80 Usdt-trc20 in your tafabot wallet.

4. Now, click on “Licenced” to purchase the tafabot licence. 

After you’ve successfully purchase the tafabot licence, now the next step is to bind your tafabot to your crypto exchange such Binance, Bittrex, Huobi etc. 

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How to Connect tafabot to Binance (VIDEO) 


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How to Connect tafabot to Bybit (VIDEO) 

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