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SuperEX SCS Chain Beginners Guide (How SCS Chain works)

SuperEX SCS Chain Beginners Guide, SuperEX Exchange SCS Chain Beginner’s Guide, SuperEX SCS Public Chain Beginner’s Guide, What is SCS Chain, How SuperEX SCS Chain works  


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SCS Chain Beginner’s GuideOn This Page, You’re Going To Know About The SuperEX Public Chain Beginner’s Guide And How The Chain Operate.

SuperEX SCS Chain Beginners Guide (How SCS Chain works)


TLDR:SuperEX SCS Chain Beginners Guide

The SCS chain will be launched by SuperEx in Q3 2023, with a major focus on facilitating fast, decentralized (or non-custodial) transactions. No need for further explanation, the largest decentralized application (DApp) on its chain will be the SuperEx DEX, which is one of the most user-friendly decentralized exchanges currently available, with over 10 million registered users and 500,000 media users as its ecosystem base, covering 216 countries and regions worldwide, and will continuously empower SCS Chain and other DApp on its chain.

Scalability remains one of the most challenging obstacles in blockchain development. But SCS Chain’s sharding technology will bring a whole new experience for developers.

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SuperEX SCS Chain Beginners Guide (How SCS Chain works)

What is SCS Chain

SCS Chain is an efficient and sustainable blockchain ecosystem developed by SRC-20 that addresses scalability and security limitations and can support up to 5,000 transactions per second (TPS), on which Web3 applications will reach their full potential at a very low price.

SCS Chain has the ability to create and deploy smart contracts, maintaining compatibility with the EVM and the existing smart contract and DApp ecosystem. This enables Ethereum tools and dApps to seamlessly migrate to SCS Chain.

How SuperEX SCS Chain works

Just read below to learn everything on how SCS Chain works. 

Consensus mechanism

SCS Chain replaces the current PoW consensus mechanism with PoS. PoS allows participants, also known as validators, to secure the network and create new blocks by staking SCS tokens. This shift will improve network security, reduce energy consumption, and enable faster block validation and transaction processing. Through internal calculations, SCS Chain achieves a block generation time of about 3 seconds through the PoS consensus.

Cross-chain compatibility

The smart contract ecology is developing in the direction of multi-chain, and the application of blockchain is no longer limited to a certain network, but spans various decentralized ledgers to form an ecology.

Super Smart Chain Mainnet (SCS Chain) is compatible with major mainstream public chains, whether it is decentralized applications or asset circulation, SCS Chain can achieve high-speed and low-fee cross-chain transfer for users.

Through this interoperability, users have access to a vast ecosystem that can meet countless use cases.

Ethereum compatibility

To take advantage of Ethereum’s relatively mature applications and communities, SCS Chain remains compatible with the EVM and existing smart contracts and DApp ecosystem. This means that all Ethereum-based dApps, ecosystem components, and tools can be used with SCSChain with zero or minimal changes, while developers can seamlessly migrate their projects to SCS Chain, taking advantage of its scalability and performance improvements without the need for a full architectural refactoring.

Suffice it to say, SCS Chain allows developers to build projects without any learning costs.

Sharding technology

To improve scalability, SCS Chain implemented sharding technology. Sharding divides the SCS network into smaller units, called shards, each capable of independently processing transactions and executing smart contracts. This parallel processing greatly increases the capacity of the network, allowing it to process more transactions simultaneously.

SCS Token

SCS Chain introduced an updated economic model to reward validators who secure the network and participate in consensus. Validators are rewarded with SCS tokens to incentivize them to act honestly, ensuring the integrity of the blockchain.

SCS is the token of SCS Chain, with a total issuance of 1 billion, and through the deflationary mechanism, it eventually deflation to 200 million; TSCS, a token of the Super Smart Chain Testnet with a total issuance of 200 million, will be launched with the testnet and used as fuel for the testnet deployment contract for consumption.



At the same time, both TSCS and SCS will eventually be listed as independent token trading pairs. 

Opportunities for developers

SCS Chain is completely open source, and anyone can read it, see progress, comment on it, and help build the ecosystem.

This means that developers have a wide range of opportunities and possibilities on SCS Chain. Here are the key actions developers can take:

1. Build scalable DApps: SCS Chain’s sharding capabilities enable developers to create DApps that can handle large numbers of users and transactions. By leveraging multiple shards, developers can design and deploy DApps that scale out and still provide a seamless user experience during peak demand periods.

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2. Improved performance: With SCS Chain’s improved consensus mechanism and network architecture, developers can create DApps with faster transaction confirmation and execution times. This offers opportunities for real-time applications, high-frequency trading, gaming, and other scenarios that require near-instant responsiveness.

3. Lower transaction costs: SCS Chain’s scalability improvements result in lower congestion and transaction fees. Developers can design cost-effective dApps that appeal to a wider user base by reducing transaction fees, making microtransactions and small money transfers more practical.

4. Optimize resource efficiency: The design and architecture of SCS Chain optimizes energy consumption and achieves greater resource efficiency. Developers can emphasize the environmental nature of their applications to meet the growing demand for sustainable and socially responsible solutions.

5. Migrate existing DApps: SCS Chain is compatible with the EVM and existing smart contracts and DApp ecosystems. Developers can seamlessly migrate their projects to SCS Chain, taking advantage of its scalability and performance improvements without having to rearchitect the entire application.

6. Participate as a validator: In order to ensure the normal operation and development of the SCS Chain network, the early project party will perform the role of validator on behalf of the SCS Chain, and after the initial maturity of SCS Chain, developers can become validators on the SCS Chain network by staking their SCS tokens. By participating in consensus and securing the network, validators can earn additional rewards. This provides an opportunity for developers to actively contribute to and benefit from the SCS Chain ecosystem.

7. Contribute to SCS Chain infrastructure: SCS Chain is an open source project and welcomes contributions from developers. Whether it’s improving client implementations, developing new tools and libraries, or proposing protocol upgrades, developers can actively participate in the SCS Chain community to help shape the future of the network.

8. Explore new use cases: SCS Chain’s improved scalability and performance make it suitable for a wider range of use cases. Developers can do it in decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and supply chains.


SCS Chain is a decentralized, energy-efficient public blockchain. Compatible with smart contracts, supports high-performance transactions, and has the characteristics of low transaction costs, low transaction delays, and high transaction concurrency.

In addition to high TPS performance, SCS Chain is a fully interoperable blockchain that: prioritizes seamless usability and frictionless onboarding for developers and users in the Web3 era. At the same time, it provides super scalability and enhanced cross-chain compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts and ecosystems.

SCS Chain provides a strong and secure foundation for the next generation of DApps, empowers developers more.

SuperEX SCS Chain Beginners Guide (How SCS Chain works) 1


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