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Join the "WhatsApp Group" or Join their "telegram Group" Review, Is Legit or Scam, honest review Review | In this page, you are going to know if investment platform is really paying and maybe you can trusted the platform. Review (Is Legit or Scam)

What is 

ServerSHA is a profitable and sustainable cloud computing server project. With the rapid development of the Internet, we notice that a large number of users leave the terminal resources on the network idly, resulting in a huge waste of resources. is an investment platform where you can invest in part of your money and earn back some percentage profit daily. Review

To reduce waste and recycle, serversha team hereby established a laboratory for product development and progressed an innovative cloud computing server product. The product utilizes the latest cloud technology and the function of “The Internet of Things” to improve the operational efficiency of idle resources, creating new revenue streams through digital transformation. It will help the Media content creators to get traffic, to connect different IT equipment at any time and any place, to achieve data access and calculation, and to create value.

Their cloud computing servers realize in-depth learning through distributed computing, parallel computing, grid computing, etc. By recompiling the intelligent algorithms of the main websites and APP platforms, it helps the Media content creators and advertisers to increase traffic and product exposure on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, thus creating commercial value for them.

At present, This project involves 5 self-built server rooms and 500,000 cloud computing servers, which can independently provide Internet infrastructure services such as computing, storage, online backup, hosting, and bandwidth. Also, they have cooperated with more than a dozen well-known cloud server companies at home and abroad with their leasing services to meet the growing business volume in the future. The cooperating companies include Amazon Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Huawei Cloud, etc.

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are already the customers of serversha and have been making steady profits since 2022. Every registered user are fully experience their expertise through the platform and start earning steady income, taking steps to achieve their own financial freedom and happiness.




The financing plan is referred to as “ServerSHA”. They have deployed a large number of cloud computing servers around the world. Through P2P distributed computing, while making full use of idle resources, they also need more funds to pay the end-users who offer those idle resources. Certainly, they will pay back their investors with a considerable investment return.

How Does Works

● Select any of the invest plans below to purchase.
● Come to collect its daily earnings on a daily basis.
● Withdraw your balance instantly (7 × 24h & Min ₦1000)
● Obtain 6-12 times return by this investment in the end. Investment Packages

Below are how serversha investment packages work

How It Works

● Select any of the invest plans below to purchase.
● Come to collect its daily earnings on a daily basis.
● Withdraw your balance instantly (7 × 24h & Min ₦1000)
● Obtain 9-15 times return by this investment in the end.
  • Invest Review (Is Legit or Scam) 12500

    Daily Earning : ₦250

    Total Earning : ₦15000

    Keep Earning For : 60 days


    Server-C101 Review (Is Legit or Scam) 2

  • Invest Review (Is Legit or Scam) 18000

    Daily Earning : ₦960

    Total Earning : ₦57600

    Keep Earning For : 60 days


    Server-C102 Review (Is Legit or Scam) 4

  • Invest Review (Is Legit or Scam) 120000

    Daily Earning : ₦2600

    Total Earning : ₦156000

    Keep Earning For : 60 days


    Server-C103 Review (Is Legit or Scam) 6

  • Invest Review (Is Legit or Scam) 160000

    Daily Earning : ₦8400

    Total Earning : ₦504000

    Keep Earning For : 60 days


    Server-C104 Review (Is Legit or Scam) 8

  • Invest Review (Is Legit or Scam) 1150000

    Daily Earning : ₦22500

    Total Earning : ₦1350000

    Keep Earning For : 60 days


    Server-C105 Review (Is Legit or Scam) 10

  • Invest Review (Is Legit or Scam) 1300000

    Daily Earning : ₦49500

    Total Earning : ₦2970000

    Keep Earning For : 60 days


    Server-C106 Review (Is Legit or Scam) 12

  • Invest Review (Is Legit or Scam) 1500000

    Daily Earning : ₦90000

    Total Earning : ₦5400000

    Keep Earning For : 60 days


    Server-C107 Review (Is Legit or Scam) 14

  • Invest Review (Is Legit or Scam) 11000000

    Daily Earning : ₦200000

    Total Earning : ₦12000000

    Keep Earning For : 60 days


    Server-C108 Review (Is Legit or Scam) 16 Review – Is Legit or Scam

As per my experience in online investment, I can tell you that currently, it’s still too early to judge if legit or scam because we haven’t found any much activities on the platform yet (i.e, they don’t have many users yet). 

Because we found out that some online platform that happens to have many users in just a few months of launching rapidly become a scam when they cannot control the money that come in to their platform daily with just few customers care they have. So, this makes some of them to run away with people’s money and close the site.

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As for me, I can say is still early for Us to judge serversha investment platform as we haven’t found any fraudsters activities on the platform yet. But, I don’t trust this platform like that because I don’t see any legitimate things about them to call them legit site. So, be careful with this. 

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And again, in my experience on online investment, I can say new platforms tend to pay at early stage but later when it started growing with hundreds thousands or million of people, it is sure they will run away with people’s money.


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I am not a financial advisor: we might say it a scam and it might not be not. So, invest with caution. Don’t invest more than you can loose. Online investment is cool sometimes, you can still be doing it and be making huge income from it but it might crash the day your friends join it or might not. telegram

So guys, you can give this a try but don’t relax over it. Let your one leg in and another out. 

How to Join  

To register for serversha account, just follow the steps below

1. GOTO the registration page or Click HERE

2. Select your “country code” and enter your “phone number”. 

3. Enter the “CAPTCHA code” you see on your ends. 

4. Enter a strong “password” you will always remember and Confirm the password again. 

5. Now click on “Register“. 

That’s all! Congratulations you’ve successfully create your serversha account and you will be given free ₦500 ($1) bonus. 

ServerSHA Recharge – How to Recharge Your Serversha  Account?

To invest on investment platform, just follow the instructions given below

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1. Click on “Buy Coin” on the main menu

2. Select or enter the amount of Coin you want to buy and click on “Recharge“.  

3. Now, the page will load to another page where you will see a details of the company you’re to send money to. 

4. Transfer the amount you want to deposit to the account number and copy the “narration” you see on your ends and use it as the narration of your transfer.

5. Then, screenshot transaction details and upload it to the page.  

Within few minutes, your money will show on your serversha account balance.

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To start your investment journey on serversha investment platform, just follow the steps below

1. After you’ve deposit/recharge your serversha account, then select the “investment package”. There are 8 investment package plan on the platform.

Then, after you’ve click on the package you want, it will pop-up “Buy Coin”. 

2. Click on “Buy Coin

3. Then immediately you buy the coin, your investment will start. 

That’s all

To know how to withdraw your money from your serversha account – Recommended: Check everything here (serversha account creation, deposit, invest, add your bank account and withdraw guide).

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