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Private University student doubled his expensive tuition fees till his father died & mom had to borrow loans to meet up

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A sad story has been making the rounds on social media since yesterday -“A Landmark University student was always charging his father twice for his tuition fees, he told the dad the school pays per semester.” The narrator said.

Private University student doubled his expensive tuition fees till his father died & mom had to borrow loans to meet up


Twitter user, Dahunsi John Oluwaseun has shared a story of one of his former school mates who defrauded his father till the point of death and continued in his strides with the mother who promised to keep up but got overwhelmed by the financial responsibility.

According to the narrator, the mom had taken loans from different cooperatives and loan sharks in order to meet up with the tuition payment of her son whom according to him, the school charges every semester.



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Dahunsi cited a time the boy had to be on his mom’s neck for a second-semester fee and also threatening her that he would not be allowed to write exams if he does not make payment before the deadline.

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The mother had to beg around and came up with the sum of N350,00 which was said to be the half payment.

He was disturbing the mom with calls and text messages of how he won’t be allowed to write his second semester exams without the full payment of the school fees, so, the mom sent him half of the money about N350k, after begging around.” Dahunsi revealed.

The overwhelmed mother brooded bitterly over the cruelty being meted by the university she referred to as “Missionary School” to a friend who happens to know the Dean of the college of science and engineering.


The friend was shocked upon hearing her plight and reached out to the Dean. At this point, you have to hear from the horse’s mouth.


Read Dahunsi’s full account on the next page. Click the arrow below


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