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Everything you need to know About Pocketmoni Nigeria

Pocketmoni Nigeria App


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In 2011, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced a policy on cash based transactions aimed at reducing the country’s dependence on a cash economy and reducing the inherent costs of moving cash that banks and other financial institutions incur as a result.
In view of this, eTranzact – Nigeria’s most trusted mobile money giant, has launched a fully automated mobile banking system known as PocketMoni to enable Nigerians move money and do all other monetary transactions without physical cash.

With PocketMoni , you can
– Send & receive money from your phone anywhere in Nigeria,
– Buy airtime of all networks in Nigeria
– Buy air tickets,
– Tie all your bank accounts to your phone
– Receive and transfer money from any bank account in Nigeria,
– Pay utility bills such as PHCN, DSTV, MYTV, HITV, TRENDTV + so many other vendors.

Pocketmoni Agents



-Its convenient…no holiday hassles, it works 24/7
-Charges a monthly one time fee of N150 compared to charges + VAT in our banks
-Its fast anywhere, anytime
and so much more!

To get started, all you need do is text “Reg FirstName LastName 002571” (Example: Reg Annabel John 002571) & send to 20220 and you’ll be signed up immediately. SMS costs 10 naira only! Approved by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) & powered by eTranzact.

Because of the simplicity and effectiveness of PocketMoni, millions of Nigerians are rushing to start using the platform. As a result, eTranzact is currently accepting individuals to register as Agent to help make PocketMoni a household brand.

Contact your Agent (234-8122642466) for ENQUIRES OR Contact eTranzact Customer Care Agent on 234(1)5780551 OR Send an email to
[email protected] OR Visit our website on



eTranzact POS

The eTranzact PocketMoni solution is a brand name of eTranzact Mobile Money. eTranzact is among the first licensed mobile operators by CBN. PocketMoni is secured, convenient and cost effective.


PocketMoni is fully secured with encryption technology and requires a PIN for every transaction known only to the user.


Kindly request for a SIM SWAP from your network provider and contact eTranzact ([email protected]) to Block your account pending when you retrieve your line. However, your account is still fully secured in eTranzact settlement bank and no one knows your pin.


Yes. We have Java and SMS + IVR channels.
Java Application:
Java version is for Java-enabled GSM phones and can be downloaded through a dedicated web link which is received by sending a specified SMS to a dedicated short code.


This uses a combination of two channels for transactions, customer initiates a transaction over SMS, which automatically triggers and out-bound IVR call. The customer completes the transaction over the IVR call flow.


All transactions are FREE. Users will only be charged a fixed monthly maintenance fee of N150 monthly.


Services Available to PocketMoni Users

Pocketmoni Financial Transactions

1. Buy Airtime of all Networks

2. Send Money To: (a) PocketMoni user (b) eTranzact card (c) Any Mobile Phone user (d) Any Bank Account in Nigeria.

Withdraw cash: (a) At agent location or Partner Banks (b) At Partner Bank ATM via Cardlex cash
Pay Bills: (a) Pay Cable TV subscription (e.g Dstv, Hitv, MyTV, Trend Tv), (b) Pay Utilities, Fees, Levies and Taxes (c) Pay Merchants (e.g Supermarkets, Restaurants, Petrol Filling Stations, Red cab etc).

Non-Financial Transactions

i. Change PIN. ii. Check Balance. iii. View Last 5 Transactions
Add/Delete eTranzact Debit/prepaid Card. V. Change Set-up




The transactions are FREE.


Sends an SMS with the words “REG FIRST NAME LAST NAME and CODE (002571)” to 20220 for MTN, ETISALAT and AIRTEL
Examples: REG ADEWALE ADEYEMI 002571

NOTE: Kindly give A SPACE after each parameter.

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Customer will receive an SMS containing a congratulatory message, 4 digit default PIN and pocketMoni link to download the application for those using java enable phone.

This PIN can then be changed by simply using SMS IVR; text “CH” to the short code provided above OR using the downloaded application; Security; Change Pin” on the Java application after the downloading it successfully.

All SMS cost N10
If the initial setup is NOT SUCCESSFUL, user can REDO the set-up by using the ‘change-setup’ option (under ‘utilities’) under the ‘Services’ menu.


Kindly walk into any eTranzact PocketMoni agent locations or any branch of our partner banks: SKYE, FCMB, UBA, FIRST BANK, ACCESS, INTERCONTINETAL, ZENITH, GTB, OCEANIC, FIDELITY, KEYSTONE, UNION.
Type of Payment: eTranzact Pocketmoni
Account Name: eTranzact Plc
Account number: PocketMoni Account Number (MOBILE NUMBER) your phone number should be your account number.

NOTE: Irrespective of the amount, a Service fee of N100 is charged at agent locations and Banks.

This simply means that all PocketMoni users can conveniently, walk into any of the above banks and deposit money into their PocketMoni account or loved ones, friends and business partners PocketMoni account without having any Bank account with such bank.


After registering pocketMoni account using the format above kindly visit your bank and request for mobile banking service powered by eTranzact . These are the names used by various banks:

First Bank: FirstMobile

UBA: Umobile

Access: AccessMobile

Sky: SkyMobile

FCMB: FCMBmobile

Union Bank: UnionMobile Intercontinental: Imobile

Fidelity: FidelityMobile

GTB: GTBmobile

Zenith: ZenithMobile (Zmobile) Wema: WemaMobile

Ecobank: Ecomobile

Go to services, card management on pocketMoni menu and add card. You can use the name of the bank or any name of your choice. After you have added your card successfully, change the default pin given to you by the bank using the security menu.

NOTE: when changing the pin, under card to use, select the name of the card you added.


Using the SMS-IVR Channel
This channel enables you to do transactions by sending a designated command to the short code for your mobile operator. When you initiate a transaction, you get a call back from a voice response which prompts for your PIN to authenticate the transaction.

1.0: Change PIN
SMS: CH to 20220
1.2: Check Balance
1.3: Buy Airtime (PIN Voucher)
SMS:PIN MobileNetwork Amount Quantity
PIN Glo 500 1
1.4: Buy Airtime (PIN Voucher) for another person

SMS: PIN MobileNetwork Amount Quantity [beneficiary number]


PIN Etisalat 200 1 08123455556

1.5: Airtime by Virtual Top-up
SMS: VTU MobileNetwork Amount
Example: VTU Mtn 200

1.6: Airtime by VTU to another person
SMS: VTU MobileNetwork Amount [beneficiary number]
VTU Mtn 200 08123455556
1.7: Send Money To Mobile Number
SMS: SEND Amount PocketmoniNo
Example :
SEND 5000 08123456775
1.8 Send Money To eTranzact Genesis Card
SMS: Send Amount CardNo
1.9 Pay Bills (Dstv, Hitv, e.t.c)
SMS: PAY Biller Alias Amount SmartCardNo

Example: PAY Dstv 10000 734555666
2.0 Pay Merchant
SMS: PAY MerchantAlias Amount
Invoice No. if available
2.1 Send Money To eTranzact
2.2. Send Money To Bank Account
(10 Digit NUBAN)
SMS: SEND Amount BankName AccountNo
Example: SEND 5000 Skye 0234567112

Bank Names to use in SMS when sending money to Bank Account:

1. First Bank – FBN
2. Union Bank – Union
3. Skye Bank – Skye
4. United Bank for Africa – UBA
5. First City Monument Bank – FCMB
6. Access Bank – Access
7. Intercontinental Bank – ICB
8. First Inland Bank – FinBank
9. Guarantee Trust Bank – GTB
10. Oceanic Bank – Oceanic
11. StanbicIBTC Bank – Stanbic
12. Fidelity Bank – Fidelity
13. Equitorial Trust Bank – ETB
14. Keystone Bank – Keystone
15. Mainstream Bank – Mainstream
16. Enterprise Bank – Enterprise
17. Sterling Bank – Sterling
18. Ecobank PLC – Ecobank
19. Wema Bank – Wema
20. Zenith Bank – ZIB
21. Unity Bank – Unity

2.2 Send Money To eTranzact

Contact us:
Email: [email protected]
Customer Care Hotline: 01-5780553, 08122642466
Pocketmoni Mobile Money Services is subject to Terms & Conditions.

Please visit for additional information.

Pocketmoni…….your money anytime anywhere!!!


What is Pocketmoni

What is PocketMoni?

PocketMoni is the brand name of eTranzact’s Mobile Money service supported by eTranzact’s Mobile Money Platform.

The eTranzact platform is the first truly operational mobile commerce application that is multi network capable and can interface seamlessly with third party payment schemes.

The service in line with international standards is secured utilizing 3DES encryption technology. In addition a PIN is required for every transaction.

With PocketMoni, our customers can securely, conveniently and cost-effectively send money to the bank accounts and mobile phones of family and friend, buy airtime from any GSM Network, Pay bills such as DSTV, Hi TV, make deposits and pay for goods and services at designated merchant outlets amongst other things.

Who is eTranzact International Plc?

eTranzact International Plc is a payment company as well as a switch. We pioneered Mobile Payment in the country.

The company currently has presence in 7 countries including Nigeria. These include Kenya, Ghana, Cote d’ivoire, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and UK.
Our products and service offerings cover both collections and payment and are enabled on Card Schemes, Point of Sales (PoS), ATMs, Internet and Mobile.

Our mission is to provide secure, convenient and affordable means to make and receive payments.

How Can I get PocketMoni?

You can get PocketMoni by:
By Texting “Reg FirstName LastName 002571” to 20220
Visiting any of our agent locations across the country.

What transactions can I perform using PocketMoni?

You can do the following transactions on pocketmoni

ü Buy Recharge Card
ü Send money to your love ones
ü Send money to any bank account
ü Pay for DSTV subscription
ü Pay other bills
ü Check Balance & mini statement
ü Cash deposit
ü Cash withdrawal
ü Pay Insurance premium and so much more

How much can I transact on PocketMoni?

For Classic Users with no KYC (Name and Phone number), N3, 000 is the transaction limit and N30, 000 daily limit (every user is a classic user when registered and can upgrade at will).

Silver subscribers can do N10, 000 per transaction and N100, 000 per day.

For Platinum User, N100, 000 transaction limit and N1, 000,000 daily limit.

How do I upgrade to Silver or Platinum Subscriber?

Visit any Agent shop and provide the necessary documents as requested by CBN. The documents are Means of identification (Drivers license, International passport, National Card) Proof of address (Utility Bill)

1 passport affix to the application form
Duly signed application form
The upgrade will be done by the Agent/Aggregator and authorized by eTranzact

Does the PocketMoni application work on any phone and any network?

Pocketmoni have two models of application (java based and SMS/IVR)
Java based is the one installed on the phone (this is mandatory for all Agents) and it works on compatible phones and on the 4 major networks (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and ETISALAT)
The SMS/IVR is the model that will most likely be used by users (this is for low end phones as well as phones made in China) and it works on all network too.

How Do I fund my PocketMoni Account

You can fund your PocketMoni Account by:
ü Obtaining a PocketMoni card from any of our Card Pick-Up locations or at our head office.
ü Visit your nearest PocketMoni Agent or any of the under listed banks to make a deposit into your mobile money account.
First Bank of Nigeria Plc
United Bank for Africa
Union Bank Plc
Intercontinental Bank Plc
Skye Bank Plc
Fidelity Bank Plc
Access Bank Plc
First City Monument Bank
ü Fill out a deposit slip.

Ensure you enter your PocketMoni account details (card number) and hand it over to the processing agent or teller (in the case of bank) along with the amount to be deposited.
ü Collect your receipt of payment.
ü You should receive confirmation of payment within 1 hour.

How do I Make Cash Withdrawals from my PocketMoni Account?

You can Cash out of your PocketMoni account by:
ü Visiting the nearest PocketMoni Agent
ü An ATM

What are the applicable charges for Using PocketMoni

The PocketMoni service is free for the first one year apart from transactions done at Agent locations which attract a fee of N50-N100. You are ONLY charged N100 monthly fee for all transactions.

What happens if my phone is missing?

Your money is safe as the money is in one of our settlement banks and not in the phone. The phone is just a channel (also ensure that your PIN has not been compromised)
Contact eTranzact helpdesk for next steps.

How can I reach eTranzact Help Desk?

Kindly contact eTranzact Customer Care Agent on 234(1)5780551 for an question or send an email to [email protected]. You can also contact us via our website

I did a topup request and have not gotten any confirmation, what do I do?

Contact our Help Desk number and we will resolve the issue immediately

Pocketmoni transfer

Can I transfer funds to a Bank Account on Pocketmoni?

ü Absolutely Yes. You can transfers to any bank account (with the exception of Citibank and Standard Chartered)
ü You can also send money to PocketMoni subscribers and anybody with mobile phone (users that do not have a PocketMoni accounts)

Can I use eTranzact PocketMoni anytime?

Absolutely Yes. eTranzact PocketMoni is available 24/7 and can be use anytime and anywhere

Does PocketMoni works on CDMA lines

NO. Kindly obtain a GSM line to enjoy all the benefits that eTranzact PocketMoni offers you

How safe is PocketMoni?

The application is secure with 3-DES
The application also makes use of 4-digit PIN for every transaction
All transactions on PocketMoni are encrypted end-to-end.

What do I do when my PocketMoni card account expires?

Contact your Agent for another PocketMoni card account wth new validity OR Contact eTranzact Customer Care Agent on 234(1)5780551 for your PIN reset or send an email to [email protected]

What if I forget my PIN and/or have been locked out of my account. How do I resolve it?

Contact eTranzact Customer Care Agent on 234(1)5780551 for your PIN reset

If I misplace my phone, what happens to my Pocketmoni account?

ü Nothing happens to the funds in your mobile money account as your money is in our settlement bank
ü Get another phone and start doing transactions again.
ü Contact eTranzact Customer Care Agent on 234(1)5780551 for your PIN reset.

Why do I need PocketMoni card?

PocketMoni card increases your cash out point options as you can cash out money from any ATM using your mobile money card.
It can also be used on any POS and on website.

I did Funds Transfer and my PocketMoni account was debited but beneficiary has not received money. What do I do?

Kindly contact eTranzact Customer Care Agent on 234(1)5780551 for your PIN reset or send an email to [email protected]

I purchased Airtime and my PocketMoni account was debited and I have not receive the airtime. What do I do?

Kindly contact eTranzact Customer Care Agent on 234(1)5780551 for your PIN reset or send an email to [email protected]

I tried doing transaction and I got invalid PIN

Kindly confirm and re-enter your PIN and if the problem persist, please contact
Contact eTranzact Customer Care Agent on 234(1)5780551 for your PIN reset or send an email to [email protected]

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