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Earn Money Breeding Dog On PGWorld | In this page, I am going to teach you on how to make money feeding dog om PGWorld, how to create PGWorld Account, login, how PGWorld work, deposit on PGworld, how to earn money by breeding dog on PGworld and how to buy/sell and withdraw money on PGWorld.

You can make Up to #5400 ($10.80) Daily/Monthly to #3,234,000 ($6468) Monthly Net Profit depend on the dog you’re breeding and how you feed your dog daily. – QUICK LINK to Register PGWorld Account


What is PGWorld?

PGWORLD is a integrating entertainment games (Cooperate with PG Soft).
(PG SOFTTM is a mobile game development company based in Valletta, Malta. Founded in 2015, the company has grown into a strong team of 200 employees with offices based in Europe, North America and Asia. Combining the depth and breadth of the expertise of the co-founders and with an award-winning team of artists and creators, PG SOFTTM amazed the crowd with unprecedented gameplay and stunning graphics.

Their debut appearance on London ICE Totally Gaming 2017 show proved to be a roaring success. Albeit a new entrant, PG SOFTIM is already making a remarkable impression in the video slot industry) high return investment products, and other financial products comprehensive platform that provides users with Offers (Opportunities) to earn credits that are redeemable for cash if they perform specified works or comply with certain requirements set forth in such Offers.

PGWorld system is artificial intelligence application, and users earn generous rewards by taking a few of simple steps.
PGWORLD launches a variety of high-return investment projects to bring steady revenue to users, raise dogs, lucky games, etc.


How to Make Money With PGWorld

There are many types of project in PGWORLD that can make you to earn as much money as you want. You can join all the projects or try one by one, whatever, each project will make you rich.

PGWORLD is very simple to use, earning extra money really is as easy as 1/2/3 steps.
100.00 CREDITS=100.00.


* Raise Dogs to Earn Cash 
* Sell Dogs in the Dogs trading zone to earn cash 
*Play PG Games to Earn Credits 
*Invite friends to register to earn earn rewards 
* Earn top up commission 


Once your credits balance (Displayed on your wallet) is enough to withdraw, you can click “Withdraw” to apply for cash, the payment will credit into your collection account.
Make sure you input your available collection account to the system.


Cash out application may take 8-48 hours to audit. When application is audited successful, the payment will be made to you in the next business day. Then you can enjoy your money!

Note: All the credits balance that you have in your wallet can be used to withdraw, invest and play games in PGWORLD.


PGworld Sign Up – How to Create PGWORLD Account

Before you can start making money on PGworld, you need to create an account first then, you can now start breeding dog to make money online with PGworld App. To get started, just follow the simple steps below to create an account with PGworld 

PGworld Registration (pgworld sign up)

You will see a page that looks like this picture below


  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your first name
  • Enter your Surname
  • Enter your password and enter it again.
  • Click on “Confirm”

An activation code will be sent to your email (goto your email and copy the code)

  • Paste the activation code on the require box.
  • Then, click on “Activate Account”.


That’s all! You’ve successfully create your PGWORLD account. The next step is how to fund your PGWorld account, buy dogs and started breeding dogs and be making money daily.

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How to Raise Dog on PGworld

PGWORLD has launched 9 different types of dog to raise.
Each type has different fees and earnings.
Check from the specifications table below, 

How much you can make Daily/Monthly on PGworld Dog Breeding

How to Fund Your PGworld Wallet (Deposit)

100.00 100.00 CREDITS

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To deposit money to you PGWorld wallet, just follow the simple step below

1st Step

Click “Deposit” icon on “Wallet” page.

2nd Step

Enter your deposit amount and choose one of the payment methods to make payment.

3rd Step

Following the required steps to confirm your payment until paying successfully.
Congratulations, you have deposited successful!

How to Buy Dog on PGworld Store

After you make your decision to make money daily with dog breeding on PGWorld, follow the steps to start.

1st Step: Click “DOG & DOGS STORE” icon on “Home” page to start.

Step 2: Click “STORE” to raise your dog, then choose your favorites dog to raise. 

You will raise dog successful when you have enough balance, otherwise the system will work out how much you need to top up in your balance.

3rd Step: Click “FOOD STORE” to buy dog’s food, you must buy dog food that corresponds to the dog you are buying.

You will buy dog successful when you have enough balance, otherwise the system will work out how much you need to top up in your balance.

4th Step: It has to be fed every day to get your benefit for the day

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5th Step: Follow the step on “TO FUND YOUR WALLET” to complete payment.

Watch Video


Note: For good experience of feeding dogs and investment to all users, the times of purchasing the first type package of dogs food are limited from 2 to 3 times, after the limitation all users should go for the good type of package to invest, they will make you to earn more and faster.


  • Click “FEED” to earn money every day!
  • Just one clicking, you will earn your daily money!

When you have enough food, it will feed successful after you click “FEED“, otherwise you need to purchase food for your dog from “FOOD store“.

  • Purchase food for your dog, each type of food will make you to earn much.
  • After you purchase the food, then go back to feed your dog and earn easy money!
  • You can also sell your dogs in the dogs trading zone in a good price to make profit. The number of dogs of various breeds sold on the PGWORLD platform is limited.

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How To Earn Money On PGWorld By Inviting Friends?

Earn top up commission from your invited user, when they top up successfully you will earn commissons every time. You will earn 10.00% to 18.00% commission from the amount that subordinate users top up (fund) every time, there are three tiers belongs to you.

First Tier – From the users (Party B) who are invited by you directly, you will earn 10.00% commission from the amount that Party C top up every time.
Example: Party B top up 1,000,000.00 successfully, you will earn 100,000.00 directly.

Second Tier – From the users (Party C) who are invited by your subordinate users (Party B), you will earn 5.00% commission from the amount that Party C top up every time.
Example: Party C top up 1,000,000.00 successfully, you will earn 50,000.00 directly.

Third Tier – From the users (Party D) who are invited by your second level subordinate users(Partyt C), you will earn 3.00% commission from the amount that Party D top up every time.
Example: Party D top up 1,000,000.00 successfully, you will earn 30,000.00 directly.

NOTE: All the users that you invited must be real and active, otherwise you will not get any rewards!

How to Invite Friends to Join PGWorld?

Just follow this steps below to know how to invite friends and family to join PGWorld 

1st Step: Click “INVITE” icon on “Home” page.

2nd Step: Click “Invite Friends” to copy & refer your exclusive invitation link.

3rd Step: Make a copy and choose your Apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or others) to paste and send your exclusive link to friends, text them to register and make money in PGWORLD.
When they earn money, you will earn much more!



PGWorld Withdrawal – How to Withdraw from PGWorld

To withdraw your money from PGWorld, just follow the simple steps below (100.00 CREDITS = N100.00)

1st Step: Click “Withdraw” icon on “Wallet” page, then read and agree with all terms.

2nd Step: Enter your applying amount and login password, complete to fill your receiving account details, then click “Confirm” to withdraw.

Your withdraw application is completed, waiting for approval and payout.

Note: Normally, withdraw application may take 8-48 hours to audit. When withdraw application is audited successful, the financial department will issue the payment to your account in the next business day. Then you can enjoy your money!


How to Cancel withdraw on PGWorld

If you want to cancel your withdraw, just click “Withdraw Cancel“.

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PGWorld Login Email (PGWorld App Login)

To login to your PGWorld account, just follow the steps below 

  • Goto the PGWorld login page.
  • Select your login method “Login with facebook” or “Login with Email”.
  • Enter your “email address” and your “password”.
  • Click on “Login”

Login with Facebook

If it was your facebook you used to register on the PGworld platform, just click on login with facebook, select the facebook account if it ask for it and it will login. 

PGWorld App

In case you need the PGWorld App, you can goto Google Play Store or Apple Store to download the App. 


That’s all! PGWorld Sign Up and how to earn money breeding dog on PGWorld. 

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