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Pastors who collect tithes and offerings online during lockdown are high class scammers – Shatta Wale

Pastors who collect tithes and offerings online during lockdown are high class scammers – Shatta Wale

Ghanaian Dancehall star, Shatta has called out Pastors who collect tithes and offerings online during lockdown, tagging them, ‘Scammers’.

The quite outspoken musician described these present-day pastors as sophisticated scammers. In an interview on 4 Syte TV on April 7, 2020, Shatta Wale jabbed pastors who have failed to reach out to their members in these difficult times to portray the love they preach.

He noted that he cannot understand why pastors would still be asking their members for tithe and offering during this time of coronavirus which has compelled the government to impose a partial lockdown.

Shatta Wale reiterated the concerns of many when he said that people have paid offerings to the church for so many years so this is the time for the church to also give back to its members but they have rather set-up online platforms to rip them off even more.

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”We are in a period where I don’t think pastors should even try that. Your members come to church and they give collection, now there is a problem. The collections they gave like for the past 30 years, where are those collections?” he quizzed.

He suggested that these men of God can at least use some of the monies collected over the years to buy some food items for their members to help them cope amid the partial lockdown.

”Coronavirus is killing your church members, some of your church members don’t even have cars, some don’t have houses. they rent and you’re still collecting tithes online?.”

Shatta Wale described pastors who have failed to express this gesture physically as sophisticated scammers. ”These are scammers like hard sakawa guys and that’s why some people like Kennedy Agyapong will get pissed and start bombarding them. As a man of God, don’t you have pity?.”

Watch the video below;


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