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Neu Centrix-ng Review | in this page,you are going to know the truth if Neu centrix is legit or scam and maybe Neu centrix can be trusted. Review |5k Daily

What is

Neu-centrix is an investment platform where you can make a percentage daily on whatever money you invested. Review – Is Legit Or Scam 

From my experience on online investment platform and sites,I can Easily Tell you that Neu Centrix is a Ponzi scheme platform But currently paying, neu Centrix is still paying it’s users everyday by day. So if you want to make good money from Neu make sure you start now when it’s still new and you we make enough money from the platform.

The Best Thing To do is to invest as it is new and don’t invest more than you can loose

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What I can tell you is that Ponzi scheme platform are very good in making fast money, because anyone can easily make good money from it and it can crash easily too

So for me I only invest money that I can spend in a day without regretting,it might be money I can spend in a bar,club or do some unnecessary things without regretting myself so currently is still paying but we don’t know when it will crash so try your luck by taking the risk investment plans


Invest :3000

Daily Earning : ₦300

Total Earning : ₦27000

Keep Earning For : 90 days


Invest :5000

Daily Earning : ₦550

Total Earning : ₦49500


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Keep Earning For : 90 days


Invest :10000

Daily Earning : ₦1200

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Total Earning : ₦108000

Keep Earning For : 90 days


Invest :50000

Daily Earning : ₦6500

Total Earning : ₦585000

Keep Earning For : 90 days


Invest :100000

Daily Earning : ₦14000

Total Earning : ₦1260000

Keep Earning For : 90 days


Invest :500000

Daily Earning : ₦75000

Total Earning : ₦6750000

Keep Earning For : 90 days


Invest :800000

Daily Earning : ₦136000

Total Earning : ₦12240000

Keep Earning For : 90 days


Invest :1000000

Daily Earning : ₦200000

Total Earning : ₦18000000

Keep Earning For : 90 days

How To Join Neu-Centrix Investment

Before you can start investment on the Neu Centrix platform,you need to register and create an account on the platform.To create an account just follow the Instructions Below

How To create Neu Centrix account

1.Register By clicking HERE

2.Enter Your phone number and password

3.Click On Register

That all! You we receive free #700 Instantly. 

How To Deposit On

To deposit money into your Neu Centrix account,just follow the steps below

1.Click on the “Investment plan” you want

2.Click on “Buy it Now” 

3.Select the gateway you want to use(I prefer using the payment “gateway 1”)

4.Then click on “Recharge” 

Then you get the beneficiary details (that the account you would pay to)

5.Transfer the money into the account and click on “I have made the payment” 

When it shows successful 

That’s all

The Money will appear on your Neu Centrix Wallet

Then you buy your investment which can now start earning money with….

You can withdraw anytime you have the minimum of #1000 On you Neu Centrix Account

That’s All

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