My boyfriend likes having $€x with me if i go to toilet without wiping my asx – Nigerian Girl

Nigerian Lady Narrates her horrible experience with her boyfriend, says He likes having $ex with her if she goes to toilet without wiping her axs.


“I am dating this guy i love so much but my issue with him is that when i poopoo he doesn’t want me to wipe up. he want to have $ex with me with the poo there like that.

“He doesn’t do anal or anything, He enters through my V but he does finger my bum with the poo there. We do it on the toilet floor.

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“His bathroom is wide so there is space. We have done it 2 times on his bed with the poo.

“He can do three rounds in a day. We have never spoken about it before. We act like it doesn’t happen.

“it started one day when i was pooing he was standing outside the toilet and he just entered like that i shouted that i have not cleaned up and he said i should not worry that he loves me with my poo and all. some guys can’t let you fart beside them.

“Are we ever going to talk about it? it’s a new experience for me.

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