mouau 2019/2020 FEES SCHEDULE Contents hide 1 2018/2019 FEES SCHEDULE 1.1 First Year Students 1.2 Returning Students 1.3 Students’ Hostel Accommodation (Optional) 1.4 Related posts: 2018/2019 FEES SCHEDULE Schedule of School Charges for 2018/2019 Academic Session First Year Students Acceptance Fees N 30,000 Other Registration Charges N 53,000   Returning Students Registration Charges SIWES CEET/COLPAS/ COLNAS,CASE, CAFST N 41,000 N42,000 COLMAS/CASAP/CCSS/CAERSE/CNREM N 39,000 N40,000 CVM N 46,000   Students’ Hostel Accommodation (Optional) New Hostel N 50,000 Old Hostel N 10,000   mouau 2019/2020 FEES SCHEDULE mouau 2019/2020 FEES SCHEDULE Related posts: 2019/2020 Edo School Fees Schedule & Payment Procedure (CHECK HERE) Edo University School Fees Schedule 2019/2020

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