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Is Metaminer.vip Legit or Scam | Metaminer.vip Review (Mine 1USDT Coin Daily)

Is Metaminer.vip Legit or Scam, metaminer.vip Review, is metaminer.vip paying or not


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Metaminer.vip Review | on this page, you are going to know if metaminer.vip is legit or scam, is metaminer.vip really paying or not.  

Is Metaminer.vip Legit or Scam | Metaminer.vip Review (Mine 1USDT Coin Daily)


What is Metaminer.vip?

Metaminer.vip is a cloud mining platform which give space to it user’s to mine free USDT coin Daily through it cloud mining machine for free. 

Metaminer.vip Review 

Metaminer.vip Review – On Metaminer.vip, users can use the free cloud mining machine to mine up to 1USDT coin daily and withdraw anytime they get up to 4-USDT on their balance. If you like, you can upgrade to the paid version machine and mine more USDT daily. 

Through the metaminer.vip cloud mining platform, anyone can mine up to 30 USDT for free in 30 days. 

Apart from the free mining machine on the platform, metaminer.vip cloud mining platform also come with 3 premium machine which you can rent for 90 days (3 months) to mine more USDT daily. 

1. The first one is called “L1 – Primary Mining Machine” which you can get for $219 and it can mine $4.48 daily for you. – Contract is for 90 days (3months)

2. The second one is called “L2 – Primary Mining Machine” which you can get for $459 and it can mine $10.32 daily for you. – Contract is for 90 days (3months)

3. The third one is “L3 – Primary Mining Machine” which you can get for $999 and it can mine $24.47 daily for you. – Contract is for 90 days (3months)

NOTE >>> Don’t forget to read to the end

Metaminer.vip Referral/Rebates Program 


Metaminer.vip Referral/Rebates Program

Metaminer also have referral rebates program whereby you earn some extra commission on whatever your downlines earn daily. 

NOTE: the referral program is optional but it will allow you to earn more income on the platform if you do it. 

Without the rebates income, miner’s can mine 30USDT in 30 days (Month). 

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Is Metaminer.vip Legit or Scam?

According to what I have seen and using, I can say it still early to judge if this platform is legit or scam. Although, withdrawing is going smoothly on this platform currently and I have not record any fraudulent activities on the platform yet. 

Mining 1 USDT daily might be something odds, because that is big payout when 1million or more people mine daily using the free machine, then there will actually be an estimated payment of $1million daily, excluding people that are mining on the paid version…. Wow, that’s huge.

Currently, I can tell you to just give a try on the free mining first and if you feel you can trust them, you can upgrade to the premium machine to mine more USDT daily. 

Metaminer.vip don’t look like scam to me because they have a product they sell on the platform but it might crash one day. 



Are you interested to join metaminer.vip? – follow the registration guide below. 

Metaminer.vip Registration – how to join metaminer.vip mining 

Just follow the steps below to join metaminer.vip 

1. GOTO the metaminer.vip registration page or Click HERE

2. Enter your “Username“. 

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3. Enter your Email

4. Click on “Get Code” (then Goto your email inbox to copy the OTP code sent to you). 

5. Enter your password and Confirm the password again. 

6. Leave the last code as: 1662012. 

That’s all! You’ve successfully create your metaminer Account. 

They will also give you free $10 – $100 to buy their premium mining machine. Just click on “Event” and read what is there, join their telegram channel and also chat Up with your Agent through the telegram link provided there. 

How to mine USDT on metaminer.vip

This is how to mine USDT on the metaminer.vip mining App

1. On your account, just click on the mining button you see on this picture below 

How to mine USDT on metaminer.vip

2. Then Activate the “mining“. In 24 hours, you will see what you’ve mine on your wallet.

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That’s all. 

Metaminer.vip FAQ

Below are some few “frequently asked questions” on the platform. 

Why does the platform recommend me to use the Telegram chat software? 

We know that in your country, most people are used to using WhatsApp. However, as the platform has received a lot of attention and visits during the promotion process, the WhatsApp numbers of many of our customer service staff and agents have caused information congestion and even cannot be used. Therefore, we recommend that members who want to work on this platform for a long time use Telegram to replace the original chat tool.

Telegram is also one of the most popular social software in recent years, with rich chat and group management functions, and most importantly, when our staff and partners use Telegram to receive a large number of visitors, there will be no information congestion limits. You can use various functions smoothly, join Telegram group members, and enjoy additional activity benefits. So, this is one of the essential tools for you to make money in [METAmine].

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How can I withdraw money every day?

According to the platform’s principle of fairness and reciprocity, a newly registered member is a part-time employee when using the free mining machine presented by the platform to experience, and the income cannot be withdrawn immediately. Only after purchasing a more advanced mining machine and becoming a regular employee can you enjoy the right to withdraw money every day.

Of course, whether it is a part-time employee or a regular employee, the balance in the assets can be used to deduct the cost of purchasing mining machines.

When I apply for recharge and withdrawal, how long will it take to complete?

The platform adopts TRC20, the fastest and low-cost USDT transfer network. When you recharge, as long as you enter the correct address and coin type, after the transfer is successful, your USDT can reach the asset balance within 3 minutes at the fastest.

When you apply for a withdrawal, the platform’s financial experts will review your application within 24 hours, if the withdrawal address you provided is correct.

When approved, your cryptocurrency wallet (such as Binance) will receive USDT within minutes.

What if I forget my password?

When you forget your password, you can retrieve and reset your new password by providing your email address.

Please be careful not to disclose your account number, password, and email address anywhere other than the [METAmine] official website. Our official staff will not privately provide you with any other website for you to enter your above privacy.

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What if I want to change my email address?

Email is a very important means of account verification.

Therefore, if you want to change your email address, you must find the platform customer service and prove that the account is being used by you, and then you can apply for changing your email address.

What if I want to change the withdrawal address?

You can bind your withdrawal address on the platform before the first withdrawal. After the binding is successful, it cannot be changed at will, which is equivalent to your salary card.

If you wish to replace it, you must find the platform customer service to apply.

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In Conclusion,

Is metaminer.vip scam or legit – according to our metaminer.vip review you just read above, I think you should know by now if metaminer vip is legit or scam. 

That’s all. 

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