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How to make up to N6million in 3 month with just 13k

How to make up to N6million in 3 month with just 13k


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Hello guys, in this post, I am going to tell you a way to clear and off the poverty that has been facing your forefathers and is now trying hard to overtake your life.

Yes, we are in the World of war, whereby we wake and fight war against poverty everyday by day. In every, year 99% of people fight poverty and only 2²% win poverty war.


How to make up to N6million in 3 month with just 13k

If you too can stand today and decided to fight poverty, surely I believe you will win.

How to make up to N6million in 3 month with just 13k

REMEMBER that: An army that goes to war without planning for the formation to use in winning the war will always fall.

NOTE: When an army goes to war and win the war, they will jot down the formation they use to win the war in a recording book. And also when it’s vice versa again, i.e (fail) they will also jot the formation down.

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That’s what poverty has been doing to us, poverty has been using over 100,000,000 tactics to win over man for many years. And among the 100,000,000 are 4 formation.

3 formation poverty use to win man

1. The number one tactics poverty has been using and keep using till today is the word “Scam

Poverty has use the word Scam to lure many people into eternal poverty in life. Ask how?

The reason is that, when an opportunity is open in this modern age in which people makes money without leaving home, the spirit of poverty will always tell you ‘it is a scam’ although, the rate of internet fraudster nowadays is so high that we can’t even trust yourself. But don’t allow “Na scam, Na Scam” ruin your life.


How to make up to N6million in 3 month with just 13k
How to make up to N6million in 3 month with just 13k

Do you know that, that thing you are calling a scam has make some people who use it to become a millionaire.

Just try it do not say Na Scam Na Scam

2. Lack of trust.

The second one am saying here is when you lack of trusting someone that wants to help you. Don’t get me wrong, I am not forcing you to trust me o, but I will also advice you to easily trust me in your heart because when you lack to trust me, you won’t be able to achieve what am about to tell you in this post.

So, lack of trust is one of the things poverty spirit put on people to destroy them.

3. Focus.

The third one here is when you start something but you lack the ability of focusing. Focusing on whatever you do will bring you good fruit. Try to finish whatever things you start.



4. Opportunity

Will all knows that opportunity only comes but once…. The moment you miss that opportunity, that’s the moment you miss it forever. Don’t worry another opportunity will come, is the spiritual word poverty use to capture majority heart.

So let get to the reason you are here.

If you haven’t know that you can make 6 to 7 millions in three months with just 13k, then you are missing. Last month, the price is just #7000 to get started but in this month the price increase to N13,000 and it will soon get to 25 to 30,000 to start the business. Why, is because we are dealing with the cryptocurrency call Ethereum in this project.

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As at the time of this post 1 Eth is #160,000 but we are only going to need 0.05 eth (N13,000) to start.

How to make up to N6million in 3 month with just 13k 1

The platform we are to use is called Million Money and some other Apps to support it.

Is a Peer-to-Peer Earning formation.

Firstly, you will have to create an account with a team that are active and Okay…. That’s why I will advice you to use our team of about (100+ members) instead.

The team will give you a link to register with just 0.05 (13k)

After register with just 13k which will be in your wallet (the money will be in your account)

NOTE: the 13,000 might increase tomorrow because of the quick rising of the Ethereum Cryptocurrency

You will be in level 1, so to get to Level 2, you will have to get two people to register under you.

Chat me up on WhatsApp

In your level 1, you will receive N14,000

In level 2, N20,000, level 3, you will receive N250,000

Level 4, 1.3million

Level 5, 6 to 7 millions

And so on…..

To cut all the explanation short

After your two people complete in level 2, you are free, the rest is left with your team and your upline but you will have to do your own duty in the team, because is only the working together in the team that will get you to the top

To know more about this, kindly chat me up on WhatsApp @ https://wa.me/message/CLAEWVX7AKVWN1

Your comments are welcome and don’t forget to like and share. Don’t plan to get rich alone.

When you share this to others, you will quickly get your own two people that will register under you.

How to make up to N6million in 3 month with just 13k

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