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How To Make Money On Morganstanley.ng.com Investment (Make up to #5000 daily)

How to make money on MorganStanley.ng.com, how to invest on morganstanley.ng.com


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Make Money on Morgan Stanley.ng.com Platform| On this page you’re going to know how to join Morgan Stanley Investment, the Morgan Stanley Investment plan and returns and how to start the Investment on Morgan Stanley.ng.com

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How to make money on Morgan Stanley Investment

MorganStanley Investment Plans


Deposit Amount:#3000

Return Period:90 Days

Daily Return:#300(10%)

Total Return:#27,000(900%)


Deposit Amount:#5000

Return Period:90 Days

Daily Return:#550(11%)

Total Return:#49,500(990%)


Deposit Amount:#10,000

Return Period:90 Days

Daily Return:#1,200(12%)

Total Return:#108,000(1080%)


Deposit Amount:#50,000

Return Period:90 Days

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Daily Return:#6,500(13%)

Total Return:#585,000(1170%)


Deposit Amount#100,000

Return Period:90 Days

Daily Return:#14,000(14%)

Total Return:#1,260,000(1260%)


Deposit Amount:#500,000

Return Period:90 Days

Daily Return:#75,000(15%)

Total Return:#6,750,000(1350%)


Deposit Amount:#800,000

Return Period:90 Days

Daily Return:136,000(17%)

Total Return:#12,240,000(1530%)


Deposit Amount:#1,000,000

Return Period:90 Days

Daily Return:#200,000(20%)

Total Return:#18,000,000(1800%)

How to make money on MorganStanley.ng.com

1. Click Here To Register

2.Enter your phone number, password and caption

3.Click on “Register”

That’s all, you we receive #200 Registration Bonus.The next step is deposit money into your account to buy ticket  and start making money daily. 

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How to start Investment on MorganStanley.ng.com

Before you can start investing on Raytheon platform you need to deposit to get your investment ticket.Follow this step to learn how to deposit

1.Click on deposit

2.Click on the Actual amount you want to deposit

3.Then click on deposit

4.Choose The payment gateway (I prefer using pay 1)

5.Click on continue,after you choose the payment method you want to use(I prefer using bank transfer)

6.if you have any issue using the bank transfer try the ussd method

7.After you making your payment click on I have made the payment

8.After your payment has been successful you buy a ticket that worth the amount you deposit then click on your investment plan and buy the miner

Then Your Investment will start and you can now earn money…..

Note: You can withdraw daily and the minimum withdrawal is #1000 which we arrive within 24hrs to your bank account. 

And you can withdraw up to 5 times daily.

How To login on MorganStanley.ng.com

To login into your morgan Stanley account follow the steps below

1:Go to  login page or click here

2:Enter your phone number

3:Enter your password

4:Click on login

Do you forget your password? – Click on forgotten password and follow the instructions to get a new password.

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MorganStanley.ng.com Referral Earnings 

You can also make more money from the platform by telling your friends and family about the company and give them your referral link to register and buy an investment plan. 


12%+2%+1% / One-Time Commission

When your Level 1 referrals make a payment, you will obtain 12% of his payment amount as referral commission immediately. And you obtain 2% of your Level 2’s payment amount, and 1% of your Level 3’s.

Click Here To Register

Daily level 1’s share

10% Share of Lv.1’s Daily Return

When your Level 1 referrals start to obtain daily return from his investment plans, you will obtain a 10% extra share of that return on a daily basis as well.

Click Here To Register

₦500 Per Valid Refer

You will obtain ₦500 as bonus when any of your Level 1 referrals make a payment and become a valid member. This bonus is only given for one time on the same referrals. 


About morganstanley.ng.com

In 1995, Morgan Stanley enters China as a cornerstone investor in China International Capital Corporation and establishes the Morgan Stanley International Foundation. The 1997 merger of Morgan Stanley Group Inc. and Dean, Witter, Discover & Co. creates the world’s largest securities firm to date. Over the course of the decade, the firm expands further in Asia and Latin America.

2000-2007 | COMMUNITY


In addition to handling some of the largest tech IPOs, security offerings and acquisitions in the world, Morgan Stanley stands firm behind its commitments to community—from a joint effort by the firm and its employees to raise $60 million to build the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, to employee-led relief efforts following the September 11 terrorist attacks. 

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